10% pledged by Delilah Home to support children in need


Delilah Home is the Charlotte, North Carolina-based organic home textile company that recently partnered with Operation Home to help children in need. Until 31st In December, 10% of all profits from their home textiles lines are spent helping children in underserved communities.

Operation Warm – Providing warmth, confidence and hope

Operation Hot is a national non-profit organization that has been in contact with communities and serving their needs for 22 years. Their holistic approach begins with providing new, high-quality winter coats and shoes for children in Title 1 schools, students receiving free or reduced lunches, or those living in a shelter. Operation Warm seeks partnerships with individuals, community organizations and businesses across North America that provide children with “more than a coat”. This support is part of a vital protocol that brings emotional warmth, increased social confidence to socialize and success. In a nutshell – hope for a better future.

“At Delilah Home, we are very excited to partner with Operation Warm as fall and winter approach,” said Michael Twer, CEO and Founder of Delilah Home. “Our efforts are driven by sustainability, impact and community – these three fundamental pillars guide our efforts to return tithing to the community we serve. I have served the South Mecklenburg Rotary Club for the past two years and have witnessed the results of the Operation Warm initiative among elementary school children in our area.

Founding a business with a conscience

Towels and sheets are essential for every household, but so are their pets. Delilah Home owes its name to Delilah, the family dog. In 2018, she survived an ordeal that nearly cost her her life in the Carolina Mountains. For 62 days, the traumatized puppy battled the elements, including record-breaking winds and freezing conditions. Thanks to the community’s commitment, she returned home safe and sound. Its history reflects the fundamental pillars on which Delilah Home was built.

Since its inception in 2019, Delilah Home has been manufacturing a beautiful and extensive range of 100% organic cotton plush bath, kitchen and beach towels. Towels from Delilah Home all meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and are luxurious to the touch. Towel sizes range from face size to extra large beach towels, allowing customers to create towel sets in the sizes they prefer.

The linens are made from organic hemp or cotton, and both lines have won several accolades. These include the 2021 Good Housekeeping ‘Best Bedding’ award and the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Worth the Splurge’ recommendation for 100% organic hemp bed sheets. These durable linens are both lightweight and a chic extravaganza for every home.

Sustainable fibers – A love for the environment

Michael Twer is also Chairman of the Fiber Council of the Organic Trade Association. “For us it is important to investigate the origin of the materials we buy for our sheets and towels,” he said. “It is also about ensuring fair trade throughout the chain of breeding, manufacturing and distribution. As a conscious business, we pay more than a living wage, but we also want to give back wherever we can. “

Sustainable textiles derived from 100% organic cotton, hemp and other fibers help address environmental challenges. Hemp is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet because it grows rapidly and requires very little water, energy, fertilizers and pesticides to grow. Another advantage of growing hemp is that it does not deplete the soil no matter how many years it is grown in one place.

Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is grown from non-GMO seeds and does not have the same impact on the environment. Its cultivation requires 71% less water and does not expose farmers to harmful substances, and its cultivation methods aim to preserve the soil. The only way to prove an organic product is through certification and strict controls. Delilah Home adheres to these core values.

Give back

Each year, Delilah Home donates 10% of its profits to local charities to support causes that help everyone feel better, including the health of people, children, pets and most importantly the planet. .

Grace Sica, Director of Operation Warm, said: “We are proud to partner with Delilah Home and their commitment to making an impact in their community, especially in a year like this as more families than ever need our help. She added: “Delilah Home CEO Michael Twer is known for supporting his community. His commitment of 10% of all profits to Operation Warm allows us to provide even more children with coats and shoes.


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