11 best organic cotton sheets for more comfortable sleep [2022]


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Whether you are a fan of From refreshing sheets to the world’s most comfy flannel sheets, there’s a hug-worthy organic cotton sheet set for you, and for every budget. “Choosing organic cotton bedding has real benefits that go beyond just being fashionable,” says Marissa Ryan, a textile expert who focuses on organic fibers. “Organic cotton is much more environmentally friendly and can be even healthier for the body.”

Benefits of organic cotton sheets

Natural fibers like cotton are considered better for the environment because they are durable and easily break down if thrown away. However, cotton is most often grown using pesticides and fertilizers known to contaminate local water sources and often has many negative side effects for local ecosystems, farmers and workers who handle cotton. . These pesticide-treated fibers then make their way to processing plants who continue to treat them with additional chemicals (which are known to carry their own risks). Organic cotton, on the other hand, avoids man-made processes and artificial chemical additives and requires much less water to grow.

Overall, if you’re concerned about environments near and far, research from Cambridge University Press shows that organic cotton is a better choice. Proponents of organic cotton also report much less skin irritation. A 2018 study from the journal Minerva Ginecologica found that skin irritation was significantly reduced, even on the most sensitive skin types, by simply switching to organic cotton. Sleeping on a non-toxic mattress is another sleep strategy that is a better choice for the environment and well-being.

What to consider

While the FDA has strict regulations governing the “organic” label on foods, there are none for textiles and bedding. There are, however, voluntary certifications that many of the best organic cotton sheets have, including GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard, and the OEKO-TEX rating. The latter is a balance sheet of the exposure of particular textiles to harmful and potentially dangerous chemicals.

“Organic bedding can be more expensive in the short term,” says Ryan. “But the long-term value of a better, more durable fabric choice is unbeatable. Speaking of long term value, if you have back problems, this Helix mattress can help.

The best organic cotton sheets

We’ve picked the best organic cotton bedding options and ranked them based on reviews, organic certifications, size options, and price.

Boll And Branch Signature Hem Setvia bollandbranch.com

Boll & Branch Signature Hem Set

Best overall

This Boll & Branch sheet set is the soft and reliable set you’ll use over and over again thanks to 100% organic cotton that is durable, easy to wash and super soft. These are also Fairtrade certified, have the sophistication of a five-star hotel, and feature a bit of extra fabric that withstands deeper mattresses and the inevitable shrinkage of the washing machine. wash the sheets for the first time.


  • Luxurious feel and finishes
  • Fairtrade certified
  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Multiple color offerings including white, natural, dune, pewter, stone, shore, mineral and spruce

The inconvenients

  • The set comes with a single pillowcase

Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King and Split King

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