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Dublin, December 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The “Pet Treats and Chews in the United States – 4th Edition” the report was added to offer.

Within the gold-plated pet industry, pet treats and chews stand out as superstars, surpassing the overall pet industry growth in 2020 and 2021. The market has saw an increase in demand during the pandemic, with pet owners staying close to home turning to treats as a way to interact with and pamper their pets.

New product trends in treats mirror those of the pet market as a whole, with health and wellness at the top of the list and sustainability, ingredient sourcing, and functional benefits all the arguments. highly marketable sales.

The increase in the use and prices of cat treats is also contributing to the exceptional growth in sales of pet treats and chews, in line with the industry-wide premiumization trend. . Sales are expected to continue their double-digit growth in 2021, rising 15% to $ 9.9 billion, on top of the remarkable 20% increase in 2020.

Long-term growth also remains bullish, with an expected compound annual growth rate of 12% for 2020-2025 bringing sales to $ 15 billion. Other market boosters include Humanization, Natural / Organic Ingredients, Limited Ingredient Formulations, Products Made and / or Purchased in the USA, Functional Ingredients (CBD), and Exotic Proteins.

Scope of the report

the “Treats and chews for pets in the United States” The report provides detailed analysis of the many types of pet treats and chews in high demand, and examines how marketers are responding to the new competitive landscape, including e-commerce and security and transparency concerns. some products.

Building on the analysis presented in previous editions of this report, this fully updated fourth edition breaks down historical and projected retail sales from 2016 to 2025 into four categories of treats and chews segmented by Dogs and Cats: indulgent treats, rawhide / long lasting chews, functional treats / chews and dental treats / chews.

The report also explores the competitive strategies of key players, marketing trends and new product development, and retail dynamics including e-commerce boom and omnichannel marketing. Featuring proprietary data from the publisher’s pet owner surveys as well as usage rates from the MRI-Simmons National Consumer Study database, the report examines purchasing trends by product type and brand, as well as the attitudes and demographics of buyers of pet treats and chews. .

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

2. Opportunities

  • health and wellbeing
  • Functional products
  • CBD
  • Pandemic changes at the time of “treat”
  • Cat treats
  • Alternative proteins
  • Procurement and transparency
  • Subscription boxes
  • Omnichannel Marketing Replaces In-Store Experiences
  • Creative management of supply chain challenges

3. Market trends

  • Sales growth accelerates during pandemic
  • Tops indulgent treats on sales
  • Sales by distribution channel
  • Market outlook
  • COVID-driven growth fuels candy market
  • Pet owners rely on pet treats and chews
  • The effects of COVID-19 are still being felt in the pet market
  • Pet treats provide ‘family’ bonding moments
  • Training treats
  • Increased focus on health and wellness
  • Functional Pet Treats Compete With Other Treatments
  • Pet owners remain vigilant about the safety of pet treats
  • Security and transparency go hand in hand
  • Opportunities in cat treats
  • Competition from wet pet food
  • The pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the supply chain
  • Pet treats will hit $ 15 billion by 2025

4. Competitive trends

  • Competitive insight
  • Market structure and retail dynamics
  • M&A and investment activity
  • Plant expansions, line extensions, packaging changes
  • Market leaders
  • Big Five Controlled Pet Treats Auction
  • Pet owners loyal to food, treat brands
  • The retail landscape
  • The pandemic is changing shopping habits
  • Private label treats follow the trends
  • Products exclusive to retailers
  • Autoship and Treat subscription boxes
  • Petco removes raw leathers from its offerings

5. Marketing and new product trends

  • Treats and chews follow pet food trends
  • Made in USA Best Product Claim
  • Natural and Organic Treats
  • Humanization
  • Functional treats
  • Dental and chewy treats
  • Alternative protein treats powered by an innovative supply
  • High protein treats
  • Limited and single ingredient treats and chews
  • Durability
  • Trends in rawhides and long-lasting edible chews
  • Trends in cat treats

6. The consumer

  • Generational cohorts
  • Dog population trends
  • Dogs in context
  • Distribution of pet owners by number of dogs owned
  • Base of client households by number of dogs owned
  • Growth in dog owners with senior dogs
  • Trend towards medium-sized dogs

7. Trends in the cat population

  • Cats in context
  • Distribution of pet owners by number of cats owned
  • Base of client households by number of cats owned
  • Growth in cat owners with older cats

8. Pet Treats Buying Patterns

  • Indulgent Treats Most Popular Choice
  • COVID-19 leads to increase in candy purchases
  • Long-term use of treats
  • Process purchase rates by number of animals
  • Pet Treats / Chews Use Rate by Dog Size
  • Process purchase rates by age of the animal
  • Process purchases by channel
  • Address purchasing demographic patterns
  • Candy purchases by brand
  • Process demographic buying patterns by brand

Companies mentioned

  • PetCo
  • The American Pet Products Association
  • Watt edition

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