Biofuels supporters tell Biden to lower gas prices with ethanol


More than 1,000 farmers, ethanol industry workers and other biofuel supporters sent a clear message to President Biden today: the solution to record gasoline prices is to immediately allow wider use. cheaper ethanol blends like E15.

“Simply allowing gasoline blenders to sell E15 year-round would instantly help moderate prices at the pump and provide relief to American families,” the letter said. “Today, E15 sells for 10 to 25 cents per gallon less than standard gasoline, which means that using the fuel year-round would save the average American household at least 125 to 200 $ on his annual gas bill.These savings would accrue immediately while providing long-term energy, environmental and economic benefits.

The letter, signed by farmers and biofuels supporters from 30 states, said “biofuels like ethanol are underutilized in today’s fuel market, largely because outdated government regulations limit access to market and prevent consumers from choosing at the pump”. Signatories to the letter specifically urged President Biden to take emergency action to allow the uninterrupted sale of E15s through the coming summer.

“We are ready to unleash the power of American agriculture to improve our nation’s energy and environmental security,” the letter concludes.

The letter, which was delivered to the White House today, is available here.


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