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The hot and humid first day in July drew hundreds of community members to the Westport Farmers Market. Buyers could purchase produce, meat, loaves of bread, dairy products and drinks from more than 50 local vendors. Due to the bank holiday weekend, attendance on Thursday was even higher than normal. Each tent and truck attracted a line of enthusiastic visitors. Accompanied by a live acoustic set from a local musician, it looks like the Westport Farmers’ Market is the place to be early Thursday mornings this summer.

Mae Farrell, who runs the Get Growing program for the market, said her favorite part was seeing all the buyers. “It’s such a big community of people,” she said. “You get your regulars and not just people from Westport, but people from all over who travel here.”

Mackenzie Brandt, who works for Riverbank Farm in Roxbury, Connecticut, understands the importance of buying locally. She loves the market because she knows the food is of high quality. “In some markets, they are not always organic or do not use the most sustainable practices. I think local food is much more important than people think, a lot of the lettuce we sell was picked yesterday. Buying locally is healthier for you, it helps the environment and the community, you never know what the working practices are with other big companies.

The Westport Farmers Market will be open Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. until November 11 this season.

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