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Abigail Brocwell, who was ousted from Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival Queen 10 days before this year’s festival in August, has a new crown to wear.

Brocwell attended the royalty pageants at this year’s Crestline Harvest Festival wearing her crown as the 2023 Crawford County, Ohio, Miss Agriculture USA. It was her first appearance since receiving the crown, she said.

“I just got all my stuff; I’m still waiting for the belt,” she said. “But I just got my crown and everything.”

She also wore a pastel green T-shirt with the “Miss Agriculture USA” logo on the front and jeans.

Brocwell said she planned to seek the title of Miss Agriculture USA ahead of the Bratwurst Festival controversy.

“We were just waiting for the Bratwurst Festival to end so she could apply,” added her mother, Angie Brocwell.

‘AG defenders of agriculture’

The title is awarded through an application process, according to the Miss Agriculture USA website. In 47 states, a holder of the state title is chosen. But in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, county titles are awarded. The organization’s motto is “We’re AGvocates for Agriculture.”

“You complete your application, then pay the entry fee, and they review your application and review it and if they think you are fit and no one else holds the title, they award you the title” , explained Brocwell. She was notified of her title a few weeks ago.

Her sacking as Bratwurst Festival Queen made headlines across the state and country in August. He was even asked to be on an Australia-based podcast.

“Only for about two minutes,” she said. “But we were talking about me in Australia. ‘It’s a bit more publicity than we thought.’

Both Brocwells said their fight with the Bratwurst festival board over Abbie’s ousting was not over.

“I’m ready to move on, but like I said, I’m still fighting,” Angie Brocwell said. “So we’ll see where it ends.”

Abbie now attends Marion Technical College, where she is studying to become a registered nurse.

“I was definitely overwhelmed at one point, but it calmed down a lot,” she said. “I guess I’m glad it’s settled, but I don’t think the fight is over.”

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