Create organic bytes of healthy cakes in the service of body, mind and soul


Sisters Yasaman (Toronto) and Samira Haj-Shafiei (Calgary, Alta.) Found themselves chasing a lifelong dream 20 months ago: to provide “healthy cakes that serve body, mind and soul.” soul “.

At the heart of the pandemic, they launched Organic Bytes, a company that creates cakes rich in nutrients, organic, vegan, and gluten, lactose and dairy free.

“We started Organic Bytes during COVID-19 with a love for whole foods and a craving for non-culpable cake options. Well-being has permeated all aspects of our life. However, we couldn’t find an aesthetic cake that ticks all the boxes for health and flavor. Knowing the gap in the market, seeing how much of it is both of our passions and how we could tap it on both sides of the country, we decided to give it a go. So our joy in baking, dedication, problem solving, designing and making people feel good inside and out has led to Organic Bytes, ”the brothers explain. and sisters.

The sisters

These sisters grew up in a community rooted not only in food traditions and shared values, but also in a world where quality and physical and mental health were important. Their family believed in healthy and healthy food. Therefore, the sisters remain true to their mission to use only high quality, nutrient rich ingredients. For example, instead of refined sugars, their natural sweeteners come from organic dates and monk fruit.

Six years older than Yasaman, Samira moved to Calgary nine years ago because of her husband’s job. Samira holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary. She went on maternity leave during the pandemic when her second child was born.

Yasaman, a graduate of the Rotman School of Management in Toronto, has experience in the small business and start-up world. She and her husband, who is an acupuncturist, founded Jing well, a lifestyle and product brand inspired by traditional medicine. Yasaman also has expertise in branding / social media.


These self-taught bakers with “deep knowledge of healthy ingredients” draw heavily on their Persian ethnicity. The only ingredient that stands out is dates, considered a nourishing food in Islamic families, in some of their cake / frosting recipes.

“Eating organic, whole foods has always been part of our culture. Our cake creations have come to life by using ingredients like dates and combining them with ingredients we have grown to love on our wellness journeys, whether they are plant-based milks, cashew nuts or almond flour. The combinations of ingredients we have chosen are clean and nourishing, contributing to the general well-being (both physical and mental) of the people who enjoy our cakes, as they not only enjoy the benefits of a cake rich in nutrients, but they also feel good after eating it. , “they shared.


Suppliers of organic raw materials were initially difficult to find. “We never want to cut corners on the ingredients we use. This made it difficult to find suppliers who support the smaller MOQs, offer quality ingredients, and practice sustainable methods. However, we have been fortunate to find suppliers in a network, testing their offerings and sharing our story and our mission to get the quantities we need, ”they said.

Currently, Organic Bytes serves the Greater Toronto Area and Calgary. They promise to deliver within two days.

The sisters plan to offer these cakes in other cities as well as launching dry goods and mixes.


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