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March 23, 2022 12:26 STI

New Delhi [India]March 23 (ANI/ATK): An initiative that strives to eradicate the obstacles and stagnation that plague the journey of an entrepreneurial organization, the Parliament of Entrepreneurs is here to offer you transformation.
With its mission of amplifying growth, its vision of empowerment and its mantra of spiritual wisdom, the Parliament of Entrepreneurs is pioneering entrepreneurship.
Let’s dive deep into exploring this powerful combination of energy, framework and synergy, the Global Innovation and Incubation Platform – Parliament of Entrepreneurs.
The beginning
Let’s first discover what marks the beginning of the Parliament of Entrepreneurs? Surprisingly, a fatal accident that paralyzed Popat’s entire lower body. Popat, lying himself on his hospital bed, wondering about the purpose of his life, launched his Parliament of Entrepreneurs, by a simple SMS.
And that’s how it all started with an unwavering determination. He decided to cultivate all of his deep 10-12 years of experience in entrepreneurship into something productive for aspiring entrepreneurs as a guiding force, instead of giving in to his fate of limitation.
The first steps to success
And just as if life had it all planned out and it all happened with a purpose, this simple entrepreneur quiz in WhatsApp text format with a Google form attached went viral across all social media, receiving around 9 000 responses from entrepreneurs eager to learn. in just 24 hours!
Taking all this seriously, he decided to consult with some entrepreneurs to shape this success, where he was served with detailed insight into various requirements of entrepreneurs, like investment, capital raising, marketing strategy, etc. .
And therefore, what he learned was the importance of creating a mutual environment for these interested entrepreneurs to share their thoughts.
With the same idea, he has now decided to launch a paid course with a business model of only 1000 dollars, to meet these exact requirements to those who need it, and shared it with these 9000 candidates. And guess what? His savings account was literally inundated with a lump sum of demands, up to 43 lakhs, leaving even the banking authorities baffled!
And after?
What’s next, now that he’s earned the trust of so many people?
It was time for him to do his share of research to find out what the root problem is and how he can help solve it.
As expected, he has gone the extra mile and explored the three fundamental issues facing entrepreneurs in this generation of dynamic business environments, through detailed investigations he has conducted from trusted sources.
1. Create an innovative business model to sustain changing market conditions for a significant period of time and increase growth.
2. How to create a strong market to target sales and generate leads.
3. Create commitment for growth and investment.

Finding out what the serious problem was, the Entrepreneurs’ Parliament pledged to be a help to budding Entrepreneurs in all these areas concerned. They decided to be the initiative that supports the lack of experience of new entrepreneurs through their own years of expertise.
Discovery of the goal
And how was the Entrepreneurs’ Parliament supposed to meet these needs?
1. By helping businesses with an innovative business plan that will survive the dynamic market situation and drive business growth.
2. By creating an ecosystem for entrepreneurs to generate structured online marketing leads, instead of having to invest in saturated online or offline marketing platforms that ultimately yield no returns.
3. And finally, put the best engagement attraction tools and raise capital so that businesses can get the required digital presence, through effective productivity channeling.
They believed in the credibility of the functions they adopted and in the positive effects they are certainly supposed to create on the entrepreneurial society.
Initiatives for Entrepreneurs
The contractors’ parliament, however, was not limited to their core functions. Believing in the power of expansion and original thinking, this startup decided to take it one step further to make it easier for newbies, through special initiatives.
1. Creation of a global school that facilitates access and education for aspiring entrepreneurs to structure a successful business model, which brings the culture of innovation into their business for the next level of growth.
2. Create a market access platform to help aspiring businesses receive exposure, to help them establish a consistent customer acquisition process.
3. Bringing capital acquisition within reach of new entrepreneurial ventures through a private stock market.
All of these initiatives have been real game changers in the industry that have taken entrepreneurship support to the next level, meeting all the requirements of struggling entrepreneurs with precision.
By helping 90 companies find their way so far, the Parliament of Entrepreneurs has raised approximately 280 crores in capital in just 2-3 years!
Along with several other initiatives taken over time, the Parliament of Entrepreneurs continues to capitalize on the requirements and improvement of business ventures through their innovations and updated market strategies. From a GLOBAL hostel to a capital strategy, they’ve got your aspirations covered!
This 3Ms company, aka Mind, Money and Market, is dedicated to making it easy for its customers, consistently. Spirit for innovation, money for capital and market for the public, a full cover business indeed!
So, it’s no wonder that over time this business is evolving to become the one stop destination for all entrepreneurs to find solutions to their problems. Decidedly marking with a journey worth learning, Popat and his company “Parlement des Entrepreneurs” have come a long way and still have a long way to go!
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