Discover Nature Zen: Organic and vegan food… the future is now, the best organic plant-based protein.


Their protein products are deliciously organic and vegan – sweetened with real fruit and coconut nectar and an ideal energy solution for athletes or busy workers.

Nature Zen is a company specializing in organic, plant-based, vegan and premium protein powders, protein bars and baking mixes. They are committed to manufacturing products of the purest quality, certified organic by Ecocert (USA, Canada, Europe and Japan). Nature Zen products are GMO-free, gluten-free, and soy- and dairy-free. They have worked for years to deliver the best taste and quality with only the purest, most natural ingredients.

“By offering our customers a healthy, protein, energizing, simple, fast and organic diet adapted to modern life. But more than that, it is also helping organic farmers around the world to cultivate their land in an ecological and fair way. It’s the food of the future!” said Dr Laure-Anne Pierson, pharmacist and director of Nature Zen.

When talking about a healthy diet, an adequate intake of high-quality protein is essential for maintaining optimal health and an optimal immune system. It provides continuous and constant light energy. It is essential for building, maintaining and repairing muscle mass and bones. It is also involved in a multitude of metabolic, chemical and hormonal reactions in the body, helping individuals maintain a healthy weight.

By adding Nature Zen Organic Plant Protein to your smoothie, you’ll ensure you’re getting enough fuel to carry out all your activities easily and deliciously.

The Nature Zen Origin collection is certified organic and vegan. It is made from sprouted and bio-fermented organic whole grain rice protein and organic raw yellow pea protein. It’s the best quality, taste and texture you can find on the planet with 0g. of sugar without artificial sweeteners. It has a high concentration – organic rice protein is 90% concentrated with a high assimilation rate. It is allergen-free, sugar-free, low in carbohydrates and suitable for ketogenic diets.

Because creativity is limitless, you can add Nature Zen protein to your smoothies, shakes, granolas, chia bowls, soups, cakes, favorite recipes, sauces, dressings, pastries and much more.

Nature Zen was founded in 1998 with the aim of establishing an organic restaurant in collaboration with health therapists. At the time, there were only a few plant-based protein products available on the market, which inspired the brand to create new healthy and organic plant-based protein products and provide the most affordable alternative. as healthy as possible. They have developed new recipes in collaboration with pharmacists and dieticians. The aim was to provide wholesome, contemporary items that met the demands of today’s busy lifestyle.

In 2010, the health therapists at Nature Zen collaborated with organic food professionals and physicians to achieve an ambitious and life-changing goal: to develop the world’s best organic vegetable protein made entirely from natural components.

5 reasons to consume vegetable proteins daily:

  1. Helps build muscle mass
  2. Maintains healthy and strong bones
  3. Helps increase satiety and reduce cravings
  4. May lower bad cholesterol levels
  5. Because it’s good for you and for the planet 🙂

Nature Zen recently launched the Nature Zen franchise of protein shops and cafes. Their cafes only serve organic and biodegradable products. All original recipes for muffins, cookies, domes, salads, soups and paninis are also rich in vegetable protein.

The brand has developed a unique set of beliefs centered around nutritional quality, ethics, environmental stewardship and philanthropy over the years, and every day they feel blessed and happy to contribute to the achievement and the accomplishment of their mission.

Nature Zen aims to make a positive difference in the health of humanity and the planet. They achieve this through their products and by donating a significant percentage of their income to fund and help foundations, charities and educational projects around the world.

“You have to test it to understand the real benefits! Nature Zen has nothing to do with other protein brands, with us it’s all about quality and pure ingredients. Pure plant-based fuel to energize your body! – Dr Laure-Anne Pierson, Pharmacist & Director of Nature Zen.

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Nature Zen is an expert company in organic, plant-based and premium protein powders, protein bars and baking mixes.

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