Disgruntled man sues cannabis dispensary for promoting Ladies’ Night


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A serial suspect has targeted a cannabis dispensary in California, the fourth San Luis Obispo area company he has filed a lawsuit against, for sex discrimination. Apparently it was Ladies Night, and the feeling was not good (for him).


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The Frye Party

According to Tribune of San Luis Obispo, Steve Frye, a former member of the National Coalition for Men, took action against Megan’s Organic Market and its owner, Megan Souza, for a 16% discount offered to women every Monday night.

In the lawsuit, he says he went to Megan’s house one day in June and saw women benefit from the reduction, but it was not “offered” to him. The original ad said, “On average, women earn $ 0.84 for every dollar their male counterparts earn… As a business that is founded, majority owned and managed by women, we think that’s absurd. So every Monday … we’re giving women 16% off their purchase.

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For women (not only women, however), by women

It was also noted on the ad that the discount was not just for women. Meaning: Anyone could take advantage of the reduction, including men. But it was the way Megan put it that ruffled Frye’s feathers. “If you are a man, enjoying the benefits of wage inequality and also want to take advantage of this discount, be our guest,” the advertisement reads.

Frye’s lawsuit claims this amounts to “shaming” those who profit from the deal, and it sues on behalf of “hundreds of customers that Megan treated unevenly by being charged different prices for their purchases during the process. of Megan Ladies’ Night based solely on customers. sex.”

Women are a minority in the cannabis industry, as are people of color, with numbers for both in leadership positions slightly lower during the last years. Women, however, are the fastest growing segment of cannabis users, increasing from 35% to 38.2% since 2019, according to Akerna. And there is no shame in tapping into this market no matter how you advertise it.

This isn’t Frye’s first sex discrimination rodeo on behalf of men. According to various previous press articles, it is filed more than 40 such lawsuits across California. He seems to have lost most of it.


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