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EveryDayPlus – Review, Experience, Discussion

EveryDayPlus - Review, Experience, Discussion

Every Day Plus is an online loan suitable for unexpected situations where you run out of money. You can borrow from 100 crowns to 50,000 crowns, you can choose any amount, always within 50 crowns. The minimum repayment period is 61 days, the longest possible 76 months . A citizen of the Czech Republic over 18 years of age with regular income, bank account, telephone number and email can apply for a loan. The advantage of the loan is that you can gradually withdraw money, for example, you will get 2000 crowns and the next week you can choose another 5000 crowns, up to 50 000 crowns. Withdrawals made at any time in one month will only be paid at the end of the next month. The loan is charged with only 20% interest , there are no other hidden charges .

How to borrow, loan experience

You will need an acknowledgment of receipt or bank statement to request. After submitting your loan request, you will be asked to send 1 crown to your provider’s account to verify your account. On weekdays, loans are transferred between 7 am and 7 pm. In case of approval you can choose the loan by logging into your account or by sending an SMS message .

Features EveryDayPlus loans

Features EveryDayPlus loans

  • Loan amount: 100 – 50 000 CZK
  • Maturity: 2 – 76 months
  • Method of payment: transfer to bank account
  • Loan without guarantor: Yes
  • Loan without proof of income: No.
  • Settlement loan completely online: Yes
  • Free prepayment: Yes

Payment schedule EveryDayPlus loan

Features EveryDayPlus loans

Loan Amount Monthly installment Total to repay
CZK 6,000 1800 CZK 7200 Kč
CZK 10,000 3000 Kč CZK 12,000
15 000 CZK 4500 CZK CZK 18,000
CZK 20,000 6000 CZK CZK 24,000
CZK 35,000 10500 CZK CZK 42,000

Representative example of payments for EveryDayPlus loan

Calculator maturity = maturity of the first installment. You specify the repayment period yourself. For example, if the credit limit of CZK 4,000 is exhausted on the day of conclusion of the credit agreement in full and is repaid by individual monthly installments in the amount of the minimum loan repayment, the repayment period is 33 months, the fee for drawing the loan is CZK 800 CZK), the amount of interest 11 049 CZK and the total amount payable by the consumer 15 849 CZK. RPSN is 588.56%. The consumer is entitled to repay the entire loan immediately after it is granted, in which case the APRC is 278.46%.

EveryDayPlus loan contact

EveryDayPlus loan contact

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