Farmer’s market aims to improve access to food


CINCINNATI – Once the hub of meatpacking in the city of Cincinnati, the Camp Washington neighborhood is now known for its growing arts scene, the famous Camp Washington Chili and the whistling echo of the rail yard at proximity.

Another look around the neighborhood and visitors might spot a number of places offering a free bite. In front of the Wave Pool Gallery, there is the free refrigerator project. Thanks to the Welcome Project, there is a weekly free lunch and a pop-up product stand. What we won’t find is a grocery store.

What do you want to know

  • Camp Washington opened its first Farmer’s Market on July 7
  • The neighborhood is a food desert, lacking grocery stores and other fresh food options
  • The market is a partnership between CWURC and Wave Pool
  • The groups hope the market will boost access to food and economic growth for the entire neighborhood

Camp Washington is a food desert, an area where there is no easy access to fresh food, with the nearest full-service store within walking distance for anyone without reliable transportation.

Camp Washington Urban Revitalization Society, the neighborhood’s development arm, has worked with groups like Wave Pool to help fill this gap. Sidney Nation, executive director of Wave Pool Gallery, sees these efforts as a big help, but not a complete solution.

“It’s a way to access food in the community,” she said. “Free access.”

Sidney Nation fills the pantry attached to the free fridge at Camp Washington. (Michelle Alfini/Spectrum News 1)

Over the past few years, however, she has noticed a growing demand for something to support the entire neighborhood and attract more businesses and entrepreneurs to Camp Washington.

Nation began working to organize and launch a local farmers market.

“It’s going to start small,” she said. “We have nine suppliers so far, but hopefully that will grow as news gets out.”

Another partnership between CWURC and Wave Pool, the market will run every Thursday from 4-6 p.m. throughout the summer, starting July 7.

“The Farmer’s Market will provide that resource and really only provide that extra step and level for fruit and produce,” she said.

Wave Pool organizes a free weekly lunch as part of its Welcome project. (Michelle Alfini/Spectrum News 1)

Ultimately, Nation sees the Farmer’s Market as a step forward in CWURC’s efforts to make the neighborhood a more livable, beautiful and economically vibrant place, inspiring further growth in the years to come.

“That’s one of the most important things we can say is that we’re working to improve our neighborhood to better support the residents who are here and the residents who come to our neighborhood,” he said. she declared.

The nonprofit Hamilton County Relief Fund and the American Heart Association provide funding for Camp Washington farmers.


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