FCL Global makes its innovative, handcrafted wood products and organic food infused with 24k edible gold available for crowdfunding



Naushad Ranguni, co-founder of FCL Global, announces that their organically grown food products infused with 24k edible gold and innovative handcrafted wood products are available for crowdfunding.

In the post-covid era with half the world suffering FCL Global thought about doing more for the local vendors who were most affected. Their team of dynamic, out-of-the-box thinkers aims to bring unique products and services to a common platform on FCL Global. This allows them to work towards their final goal of giving each consumer and / or crowdfunding 100% credit on their platform.

FCL Global is committed to giving back in more ways than one. They are the designer of innovative handcrafted wood products that are both unique and practical. Naushad Ranguni, CEO of FCL Global wants to deliver products that will improve people’s health. Because health and immunity are important to the FCL Global team, they produce and promote unique organic food products.

Their healthy but different food products involve an infusion of 24 karat edible gold. These include almonds, honey, saffron, and premium dates. Each of them is organically grown and royally designed in the sense that they are coated with a coating or dusting of edible 24 karat gold, which has many health benefits, such as reducing l inflammation of the skin.

FCL is particularly focused on bringing its 24k gold-plated premium organic dates to life by supplying them worldwide.

They have taken several years to develop a range of high quality products with benefits in terms of quality, taste and health. Now they are ready to start supplying and importing their premium food from the best producers in the world. As a result, they opened their 24k coated dates and handcrafted wooden items for crowdfunding on Indiegogo to garner maximum support for this unique project.

Unsurprisingly, FCL Global’s pioneering products and services earned him the Creative Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Global Business Icon Jury Member (MP House of Lords, UK). The quality of their premium organically grown food, along with their distinct wooden craftsmanship, deserves to be available to everyone. FCL wants to share this amazing crowdfunding opportunity and spread the benefits of its products around the world!

How to reach FCL Global:

Website: naushad.org and www.fcldeals.com

E-mail: [email protected] Where [email protected]

Indiegogo – 24K Dates Crowdfunding

Indiegogo – Handcrafted wooden products

Instagram: indiegogo.perks

Twitter: @ naushad92127616
Linkedin: Naushad R.



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