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New Side Gusset Pillow Protectors from Down Under Bedding

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Patent-pending 2-zipper design saves valuable time

“Stop the Pillowfight” Our unique patent-pending 2-zipper design became an instant bestseller Tony Sagar Co-Founder Down Under Bedding

TONY SAGAR, ONTARIO, CANADA, Nov. 6, 2022 / — Down Under Bedding & Pillow’s New 100% Cotton 400 Thread Count Gusset Pillow Cover has become an Instant Best Seller on Amazon .com, reaching 269 5-star verified organic reviews since its release this year.
Down Under Bedding co-founder Tony Sagar said customer feedback told us that these big, thick, contoured gusseted pillows lack the right accessories so customers can sleep better and protect their investment. The patent-pending design solved the problem. Now there’s no more trying to squeeze your pillow inside a protector or pillowcase that won’t fit.

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“Had a hard time finding extra large protectors; glad I found these”
August 20, 2022

About Down Under Bedding and Pillows:
It is a privately held Canadian company that focuses on deep and meaningful restorative sleep solutions. For nearly 40 years, Down Under Bedding has retailed its private label and other branded products through its retail store and website
Tony Sagar is the co-founder of Down Under Bedding. Since 1989, the brand has sold millions of its unique and natural sleep bedding products on platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Shopify and their own branded stores.
He’s appeared on dozens of sleep and home decor podcasts and written about energizing through restful sleep.

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