How to buy healthy food as prices rise


PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) – With gasoline prices rising across the country, it goes without saying that it can take a hit on your wallet. But what about groceries? Inflation has driven up food prices. So how can you shop for your family on a budget and still be healthy?

FOX12 hit the grocery store here in Beaverton to see how much we can buy on a budget while still eating healthy. We got a little help from nutritionist Dr. Diane Stadler of OHSU to show us what to look for

The average budget a family will spend is around $150-$200 per week. Our budget was $100 for a week. When grocery shopping, it’s important to remember, everything in moderation and also, to read the labels. Dr. Stadler says that if you see words that are unfamiliar to you or can’t pronounce, there’s probably a preservative in it. If you decide to buy organic or opt for savings, Dr. Stadler advises you to ask yourself what is your priority this week?

“If you can cost-effectively incorporate organic into your diet, I think that’s a safe level of food you’re buying,” says Dr. Stadler.

Dr. Stadler has a rule when it comes to choosing bread; regardless of the type of bread, it should contain three grams of fiber per slice

If and if you don’t like vegetables, how can you incorporate them into your meal?

“People don’t think about the variety of ways to cook vegetables and make them something you really like to eat. You can steam them, you can sauté them with flavorings, you can roast them and a light drizzle of olive oil, put it in the oven. You’d be surprised,” says Dr. Stadler.

Frozen is the new fresh. Frozen foods tend to be more nutritious than the fresh foods you see on shelves because they’re frozen at their peak of freshness. The nutritional density of this product is higher.

Finally, don’t be afraid to shop in other markets for a cheaper price.

“It’s $0.99 per box. I know I can go to another store and buy a variety of bean products for around $0.58 per box. So I’m going to tell myself what is more important? I’m here, my time is important but also if price is my big thing, I might choose to go to these other stores as well,” says Dr. Stadler.

A rule of thumb to remember when shopping, you don’t have to buy brand name foods or anything labeled organic. And second, commit to the food you buy to reduce food waste.


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