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Developing and executing compelling social media content takes a lot of work, and unfortunately, it’s only a small piece of the formula that will lead to creating brand awareness and consumer messaging on social media platforms. Unfortunately, even with the most amazing content, only about 5.2% Facebook followers, with similar results on other platforms, will see posts organically due to the algorithms that determine what content will be shown and to whom and when.

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What’s even more painful is that the 5.2% includes profile page visitors and search appearances, leaving about 2-3% of subscribers who will see content in their timeline. Going further, since the average business acquired most subscribers through paid advertising, the value of reaching the 3% is minimal, as those subscribers were acquired because they liked the image your ad, not because they are loyal to your brand – and therefore are unlikely to follow through on your call to action.

This can all be reversed by looking at the nature of the algorithm and how the results of the algorithm can be influenced by the value of the follower, and what’s even more exciting is that the increased exposure to followers better quality will be even more valuable. because they are organic followers who are more likely to respond to your call to action and generate higher ROI on your social media channels.

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This makes many companies feel like their hands are tied behind their backs when building brand awareness and customer engagement through social media. It’s a struggle faced by businesses large and small, and trying to find the right content to market to potential consumers can be a costly endeavor with minimal return on investment due to a weak subscriber base. engaged.

Getting new followers and customers through these social media efforts isn’t the only hard thing to do. Retaining already active customers and getting them to develop their buying habits within your company is also a big challenge, and to drive the point home, shouldn’t that be the goal of social media marketing?

With hotspot campaigns, when users access WiFi, they are directed to that company’s social accounts. This intercepts users at the right time for instant engagement and captures their unique data to help your business craft a unique marketing message for that person. This method of communicating with consumers is a great way to increase organic social media results and drive better business results, without having to spend money on advertising.

Hotspot campaigns

An access point is a router capable of connecting many devices to the Internet, and it offers businesses and consumers many advantages – some of which can be increased data security, faster and stronger internet connection speeds, and free internet for customers at your premises. By accessing these hotspots, customers then agree to securely share their data with the company providing that hotspot.

With the prevalence of remote work across all industries in today’s work environment, people are living on their electronic devices. When someone connects to your company’s hotspot, you get insight into their habits regarding time spent on your site and other important data that can help you provide a personalized experience for that person, which can contribute to the scalability of your brand. .

For Example, Wi-Fi hotspot analytics can help businesses understand customers’ preferred days/times to visit and how much time they spend with you. When customers enter your business and are prompted to connect to your WiFi with their email address or phone number, their information is then cross-referenced on social media where they can be retargeted with ads that match their data. corresponding. Customers can also be prompted to provide a one-click “like” to follow your business’ Facebook page as soon as they access your location’s WiFi, increasing Facebook followers without spending a dime.

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Data doesn’t need to be scary

An article by harvard business review highlighted the apprehension that many people have about storing and sharing their data with corporations and other businesses. The article also pointed out that data sharing is not to be feared and that data is ultimately how businesses and consumers can find a harmonious and mutually beneficial common ground.

This is not only possible but likely, as consumers expect and demand personalized experiences from businesses. In fact, 71% of consumers expect personalized interactions and 76% of consumers become frustrated if they don’t receive that personal touch.

Consumer data is the foundation from which modern marketing operates and thus enables consumers to receive the individualized marketing they seek. Returning to the article of harvard business reviewAnother important insight was made: consumer data can help the consumer find not only what they want to buy, but also what may interest them and make them happier.

A previous article by Entrepreneur also made a great point about data when he referenced that only 11% of customers had a negative sentiment about retargeted ads, while 30% had a positive sentiment about these ads, and 59% additional were neutral – confirming the fact that most consumers today understand the value of their data to businesses and ultimately how sharing their data with those businesses benefits the consumer.

By integrating hotspot campaigns and marketing tactics into your business, you optimize every consumer’s experience and increase the likelihood that they will have a great time with your brand. This brings us back to how hotspot campaigns and marketing can drive organic social media traffic.

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People want to connect with your brand

Research conducted by Sprout Social reports that 64% of consumers want brands to connect with them and 78% want brands to use social media to bring them closer. Other key findings from the report showed that brands and social media can fuel connections and that most people feel connected to a brand because they trust it.

Compiling consumer-generated data through a hotspot campaign, then effectively using that data to give consumers the personalized experience they want, opens the door to consumers who trust your brand. Again, it’s not because you’ve only shown consumers things they’d like to buy from you, but rather because the products/services, sales, and communication you bring to each person are substantial and unique to them.

Showing these customers their value to your business and your desire to provide them with real solutions helps build that trust and opens the door to more organically boosted social media traffic and engagement.

The premise is correct that it’s better to have more followers, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Organic subscribers are far more valuable than paid subscribers because they will interact with your social media marketing more consistently and increase ROI. Social media success, driven by organic and loyal followers, will then lead to increased awareness of your call to action across all marketing platforms, which will secure your overall marketing goals. Finally, when these loyal followers consistently engage with your brand across social media, onsite, and through digital screens and text messages, it will provide you with incredibly valuable and actionable guest behaviors and feedback that are needed to navigate in these difficult and competitive times. .


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