Los Angeles-based company launches world’s largest regenerative organic cotton project


Los Angeles-based Gallant International and its partner mills have worked with one of India’s best-known organic cotton cooperatives to transition over 700 farmers to regenerative organic cotton. This winter, over 3,500 acres of land have been certified as Regenerative Organic Certified™, making it one of the largest cotton ROC projects in the world.

MISSION VIEJO, Calif., February 1, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Gallant internationala Los Angeles-based company and its factory partners, worked with one of india best-known organic cotton cooperatives for transitioning over 700 farmers to regenerative organic cotton. This winter, over 3,500 acres of land have been certified as Regenerative Organic Certified™, making it one of the largest cotton ROC projects in the world.

With this new certification, Gallant and its partners hope to spark a transformation in the way organic cotton is grown across the subcontinent and bring more control to a supply chain whose demand grows every year but lacks real transparency.

“We’ve been using organic cotton for nearly a decade, and we’re excited to go even further with this certification. Now farmers will not only participate in the most regenerative practices possible, they will play a major role in healing the planet, while earning additional income through organic and fair trade premiums and rotational crops. This certification is more than just a checklist. We are working on creating a more holistic supply chain that takes care of everyone involved, not just the buyer,” says Vikrant GiriFounder of Gallant International, and its sister company, Terra Yarnspecialized in bags and accessories made entirely of organic cotton.

Gallant works alongside its factory partners and Chetna Organic, one of india largest organic cotton cooperatives, to manufacture organic cotton bags and accessories, for a variety of customers in the fields of technology, beauty, businesses, brands, non-profit organizations and even celebrities.

Chetna is known for its pioneering practices in growing organic cotton and its efforts across India make cotton production more ecological, traceable and interesting for producers.

“With climate change a reality, agricultural land and forest cover shrinking, experts around the world are advocating for agroecological and regenerative farming practices,” says Arun Ambatipudi, executive director of Chetna, a 100% farmer-owned organization. “For us, it is imperative to promote a more holistic approach to agriculture, especially among its communities of small cotton farmers living in the forest corridors.”

Chetna has long been at the forefront of the environmental movement in the country, offering an eco-friendly alternative to the GMO cotton that is so prevalent in India.

India grows much of the world’s cotton, but unfortunately with chemicals, pesticides and GMO seeds. We would like to change that by writing a new narrative for cotton in the country by not only being organic and fair trade but also with regenerative practices,” says R. Nanda KumarCEO of Chetna.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ is a relatively new certification led by the Bio regenerative alliancea Californianon-profit founded by Patagonia, Dr. Bronner’s and the Rodale Institute. The certification program requires farming communities to meet a variety of criteria that prioritize soil health, animal welfare, and the social well-being of farmers and farm workers. Regenerative on-farm practices include: intercropping, encouraging biodiversity, using organic inputs (ideally from the farm’s ecosystem), little or no tillage, and crop rotation to keep floors covered all year round. In addition, the cultivation systems are certified fair trade. Following these practices leads to increased organic matter in the soil and improves overall soil health while providing fair and equitable working conditions for farmers and workers.

Elizabeth WhitlowExecutive Director of ROA, says “Gallant emulates the best of the ROC program. The ambitious principles encoded in our standard are perfectly expressed by Vik, Gallant and his team. They have become allies and advocates for the farmers from whom they source and clearly demonstrated that they are on the path of regeneration with the hardworking humans in these communities. As I have come to know them, it is evident that such principles are deeply intrinsic to who they are as people AND as a brand.

In 2022, Gallant will offer woven shirts, knitwear, bags and accessories in ROC cotton. Additionally, its sister company, Terra Thread, will become the first of its kind to exclusively use Regenerative Organic Certified™ cotton, and thus the world’s first bag brand specializing in ROC™ cotton.

The demand for organic cotton is increasing in the industry. As the fashion industry becomes aware of its enormous ecological and social footprint, many brands are turning to organic cotton. While this is a step in the right direction, there are concerns about the traceability of this organic cotton and whether producers have actually benefited from it.

“Building a fully traceable supply chain, and overly committed to regenerative organic practices, is crucial for us to show that fashion can benefit, not harm, the planet. That’s why we embarked on this process and are eager to see how we can grow. in the farming communities of India“, says Giri.


Gallant International is a Californiabased at B Corp that works with businesses and nonprofits to produce custom branded clothing, bags and accessories made entirely from organic cotton with fair trade practices. Founded in 2009 by Vikrant GiriGallant works with over 375 companies to help them on their sustainability journey. https://www.gallantintl.com/

Terra Thread, led by Vizan Giri, brings Gallant’s ethos, vision and mission to a new industry: backpacks, bags and accessories. Since most backpacks and bags are made from fossil fuel-based materials, Terra Thread offers an alternative: 100% organic cotton bags that are carbon neutral, reclaimed and made in fair trade factories. The Terra Thread brand has been bought and mentioned by celebrities, featured in Forbes, NBC News, Tree Hugger, The Good Trade to name a few, and is sold in bookstores and retail stores across the United States. United, Australiaand Japan.

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