Mangaluru: St Agnes CBSE School commemorates World Food Day


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Mangaluru, October 29: World Food Day is an international day celebrated annually around the world on October 16 to commemorate the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. The day is widely celebrated by many other organizations concerned with hunger and food security, including the World Food Programme, World Health Organization and International Fund for Agricultural Development.

St Agnes CBSE School also recognized the day in a meaningful way by presenting the significance of the day at the school assembly. A group of third graders also visited St Joseph Prashantha Nilaya Orphanage and presented a short program on the importance of food. As a sign of love, the students distributed the food to the inmates.

Several activities were also carried out at the school, such as the presentation of a healthy tray, the display of tricolor salads and the carving of fruit and vegetables. The message was highlighted on the importance of food and to avoid wasting food.

Let’s respect the farmers who work behind in the fields to give us food.


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