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A fully integrated infant formula manufacturing facility and successful premarket notification of infant formula from the FDA enable Nature’s One to ship millions of pounds of infant formula to American families.

LEWIS CENTER, Ohio, October 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nature’s One has received a “no further questions” letter from the FDA regarding its pre-market notification of the sale of organic infant formula in United States. Additionally, Nature’s One recently completed construction of a new state-of-the-art infant formula manufacturing facility in Ohio. Nature’s One will now be the only fully integrated modern system state-of-the-art infant formula factory dedicated to the manufacturing, packaging and marketing of organic infant formula in United States.

Nature’s One will immediately begin shipping its FDA-compliant infant formula to retailers and consumers directly under the Baby’s Only® brand.

Nature’s One’s new facility features a fully integrated spray-drying process with a nitrogen-purged packaging line designed to protect sensitive infant formula nutrients. Fully automated processing offers direct steam injection to meet the most demanding regulatory requirements around the world. The facility also includes high hygiene areas with strict environmental monitoring to protect against pathogens and unnecessary environmental exposure.

Jay Highmanfounder and CEO of Nature’s One, says, “I believe Nature’s One currently owns the “crown jewel” of powdered infant formula manufacturing facilities in the United States. The manufacturing plant design deploys all modern “best practices” for safe production of infant formula with high hygiene zoning and custom processing equipment.” Highman adds, “I am grateful that Nature’s One accomplished.”

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility incorporates a custom powder spray drying design capable of 15 million pounds per year. For future expansion, the manufacturing facility is already pre-designed to more than double its production volume. The facility will accommodate the addition of a new spray drying tower capable of handling an additional 20 million pounds per year. including fully integrated packaging and expansion of warehouse space on nearly 22 acres of land. Treatment rooms and floor space are already designed into the existing building structure, minimizing disruption to operations during expansion. Plans to expand the facilities are already underway.

Nature’s One partnered with Juggernaut Capital Partners (JCP) in early 2018 to embark on this transformative vision of Nature’s One. John ShulmanFounder and Managing Partner of JCP, adds, “As a parent and concerned citizen, I believe strongly in the mission of providing highest quality infant formula for current and future generationsMr. Shulman continues, “Nature’s One has always stood out as a leader with its commitment to nutritional science and organic purity. “Together, the two founders have moved forward to reach that point where a fully integrated infant formula manufacturing facility and a successful FDA Infant Growth Study with Premarket Notification will now serve millions of American families providing a clinically proven organic infant nutrition.

About Nature’s One:

Founded in 1997, Nature’s One introduced the first organic formula, Baby’s Only® Organic in United States. Nature’s One has dedicated 25 years to researching, developing and sourcing pure ingredients. Recognized as the first and highest ranked for purity and nutritional superiority by the Clean Label Project, Baby’s Only formulas are preferred by parents who want to give their child a “Better Start…for Life™”. Other products made by Nature’s One include PediaSmart® Complete Organic Nutritional Drinks and Mom’s Only™ Prenatal Support Shake. All products are sold online by Nature’s One at Baby’s Only formulas and PediaSmart beverages are sold nationwide at Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club and many quality health food retailers.

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