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The Statsville Group market (MSG) publishes the new report on Organic LED Market by product type (Display and lighting), by technology (PassiveOLED matrix (PMOLED), ActiveMatrix OLED, Transparent OLED, Foldable OLED, HighEmitting OLED and white OLED), by the endUsers (Consumer electronics, automotive, retail, industrial, commercial, aerospace and defense, healthcare and others), by region Global share and forecast to 2027. Global Organic LED Market Size Expected to Grow by USD 51,474.1 million in 2020 to 203,069 USD.9 million by 2027, at a CAGR of during the forecast period. OLEDs are now gaining ground in terms of applications in mobile devices. OLEDs are LED applications that are expected to see an increase in the coming years. Backlight application revenue may decrease over the forecast period in terms of percentage increase in other industries due to lower prices. However, this is one of the main areas of application of OLEDs. New backlight applications are expected to emerge in the coming years further driving the growth of the OLED market. Big screen TVs and laptops are the main devices that implement LED as a backlight. It has been a while since OLEDs were used as a backlight for mobile devices such as cell phones, media devices, cameras, etc.. The market is seeing growth in demand for large screen devices such as large screen TVs and laptops.

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Global organic LED market segmentation

Organic LED market has been segmented into Product Type, Technology, Purposeusers and region.

  • By product type (Display and lighting)
  • By technology (PassiveOLED matrix (PMOLED), ActiveMatrix OLED, Transparent OLED, Foldable OLED, HighEmitting OLED and white OLED
  • At the endUsers (Consumer electronics, automotive, retail, industrial, commercial, aerospace and defense, healthcare and others)
  • By region (United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, India, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Qatar , Nigeria, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Peru)

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PMOLED by technology is estimated to have the largest market share during the forecast period

The global organic LED market is analyzed on the basis of technologies such as PMOLED, AMOLED, transparent OLED, topEmitter OLED, Foldable OLED and White OLE. PMOLED has the largest turnover in the market and accounted for the 21.6% market share in 2020. PassiveMatrix OLEDs (PMOLED) have cathode bands, organic layers and anode bands. PMOLED controls more power than other OLEDs. This is because PMOLED needs more power for the external circuits. PMOLEDs are more efficient for text and icons and are more suitable for small screens such as smartphones. PMOLED provides good visibility and a wide viewing angle at a considerable distance. In addition, PMOLED devices offer high contrast, high color saturation and low heat generation..

The increase in the application of PMOLED displays in smart watches, music players, automobiles, digital health devices and others is mainly driving the growth of PMOLED segment. Therefore, increased demand for smart watches, fitness trackers and mobile health devices would directly drive the growth of PMOLED display segment in the future..

North America Holds Largest Organic LED Market Share in 2020

By region, the Global Organic LED Market is analyzed to North America and AsiaPacific, Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa. In 2020, North America was the largest contributor to the market and had represented the 37.9% of market share. Organic lightemitting diode is used in various digital displays and lighting solutions in this region. North America includes developed countries such as the U.S. and canadian. These countries have already stopped using incandescent lamps. These lamps gradually disappear due to the emergence of more energyefficient light sources such as lightemitting diodes (LED) and organic lightemitting diodes (OLED).

OLEDs are mainly used to display mobile screens, televisions and portable devices in the current business scenario. Manufacturers in the region are developing high competitivenesshigh-performance manufacturing products that focus on environmental factors and meet industry standards. An increase in demand for ecoUser-friendly displays and lighting solutions are one of the major growth factors of the OLED market in the North America region. OLED displays are widely used in televisions and smartphones forquality screen displayed by enhanced picture quality. Rising electricity consumption in this region is also driving the growth of the OLED lighting market in North America. Increased Application of OLEDs in Retail, Automotive and Display to Complement OLED Market Growth in North America.

This research report covers an examination of the development and marketing tactics of leading companies and an examination of their product portfolios and winning methods in the Organic LED Market.. The main companies represented are OSRAM, Samsung Electronics, Philips, LG Electronics, AU Optronics, GE Lighting, Eaton, CREE, Panasonic Corporation and Dialight PLC.. These market competitors have focused on acquisitions and growth to achieve greater market share in organic LED industry.

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