Organic skincare: getting to know it better


Photo: LS Archives / Sazzad Ibne Sayed


Photo: LS Archives / Sazzad Ibne Sayed

What is the perfect line of skin care products? Are they safe? Can I trust the reviews? – These are the common questions consumers ask themselves, but nowadays they are very knowledgeable and careful, and know better than to hope for immediate miracles. This is evident in the most recent hype towards organic skin care.
Organic skin care comes from organically produced ingredients, that is, without preservatives, pesticides, bioengineered genes and fertilizers. Being completely free of synthetic ingredients, organic products are more or less guaranteed to have no harmful short or long term effects on the skin.
The primary objective of organic products is to improve the general condition of the skin. The right amount of powerful natural ingredients can help nourish the skin, while repairing generic skin problems.
Macadamia nut oil, for example, can prevent premature aging and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Avocado oil works like magic in soothing sunburns and restorative tans, bringing back the natural, healthy glow to your skin.
With organic products, it’s more of a marathon than a sprint. Although slight improvements are likely to appear within three to four weeks of use, they may vary depending on the regularity of use, the ingredients, the absorption capacity of the skin, the severity of the problem. or simply the skin cycle itself.
Organic, natural, plant-based, chemical-free, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, green-sourced, and many of these terms can easily confuse and overwhelm anyone. Although they are all primarily from nature, they are not exactly the same.
Natural products can contain just about any chemical component as long as the key component is herbal. Plus, being natural doesn’t make it 100% harmless. Nature itself contains various toxins which can be toxic to the skin and hair.
Organic cosmetics follow the same safety standards as organic food. The “organic certification” of these products confirms that 95% or more of its ingredients are absolutely chemical free. “The Control Union Bangladesh” performs this check on local organic brands.
“Soaperstar Bangladesh” and “Sarin’s Store” are well-known brands with a wide range of organic products that target common skin problems faced by Bangladeshi girls. While Soaperstar offers handmade organic soaps, face and body scrubs, face oil and more, Sarin’s Store is more focused on various ready-made face masks and scrubs. .

Shehna Falila Mulk, Owner of Soaperstar, explained how globalization and consumer awareness has driven the expansion of the local organic market.
“Customers want results,” she said. “If an organic product can’t give them that, they will change. But give them a good organic product that is effective and you have a winner!”
Safa Jahangir of Sarin’s Store agrees.
“With increasing consumer awareness, organic products are rapidly gaining popularity,” she said. “However, not everyone is able to regularly spend a considerable amount of money on skin care. We aim to provide consumers with quality products at a reasonable price.”
‘Salsabina’s Makeup Artistry’ is one of the makeover studios, working with new-age clients.
Salsabina Shorna suggests that it is better to go organic before special occasions than to rely on facials or quick lightening creams. The bleach content of these products can sometimes lead to acne breakouts, while causing lasting damage.
Salsabina added: “Organic cosmetics will take time, but their effect is also relatively more permanent. The problem is, many of us quickly lose our patience and end up jumping from product to product. This can sometimes have harmful effects on the skin. “

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One worrying problem is that even after all of these organic products are available, a large portion of consumers still tend to turn to fair trade products. Organic companies often face questions about skin lightening products. Makeup artists will face clients who want to look “extra bright” on their special day.
Fortunately, this culture is in decline. Improved Internet accessibility and the opinions of experts, celebrities and community groups are prompting more and more people to switch from chemical-intensive skin care to certified organic skin care.
You can never be too careful when it comes to your skin. So here are some final tips when you decide to go organic –
Always choose a credible seller with good reviews.
Go through the ingredient list, just to be sure.
Look for the organic certification or logo.


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