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The company representing Good Finance has been working in the Latvian market for a long time. Any client application is carefully evaluated and the amount available depends on income, expenses, credit history and other variables. The Company reserves the right to set a lower credit limit than required. You can find out the exact answer to your options when applying for a loan. The maximum loan amount is 1500 USD and new clients can apply for it.

Why pay a registration fee of $ 0.01?


This token payment allows the company to verify the identity of the applicant. Payment must be made from your personal bank account. This approach protects both parties from the risk of fraud.

Is Good Finance loan available to debtors?

Is Good Finance loan available to debtors?

You can borrow if you are currently in debt with another company or bank, if you are honoring your previous obligations in good faith. Prior to granting a loan, the information available in the debtors’ databases is evaluated. Negative credit history, insufficient income, or excessive spending are the main obstacles to obtaining credit.

Where can I find the terms of the contract?

Apply for a loan by specifying the loan amount and repayment term in the loan calculator. On the side of the calculator there are menus for Standard Credit Information, where all costs are shown. In the next step, the application form, you have to confirm your acceptance of the terms of the agreement. Click on the last menu and you will find detailed terms of the loan agreement.

Is it possible to extend the loan repayment term?

Is it possible to extend the loan repayment term?

Credit extension is possible. You can find out the exact cost in your user profile or by contacting company support. If you want to make the maximum savings, try to meet your obligations on time. Early repayment is possible without additional commission under the terms of the agreement.

What happens if I can’t repay my debt?

What happens if I can

Good Finance offers the possibility to defer payment (extend the loan) for 30 days. If no payment is made, the company is entitled to a penalty payment (0.45% per day, up to the amount of the principal) for default. Borrowers who default on a long-term basis are either transferred to debt collection firms or filed in court. This procedure is standard practice for all lenders in Latvia. In addition, it should be borne in mind that non-payers may be blacklisted by debtors – debt history databases, which can make it significantly more difficult to borrow again in other companies or banks.

Can I borrow several times at once?

One short-term loan and one long-term loan may be taken at a time. Alternative offers could also be a crediton loan and a loan from smscredit or mogo.lv, one of the other offers featured on the homepage of this site. To avoid an unpleasant experience, be sure to check out the loan agreement and consider repaying the loan on time. Any delay may result in additional unplanned costs. Borrow responsibly.