Request for mandatory certification logos on all organic products to boost consumer confidence


Australian Organic Limited (AOL) is calling for mandatory organic certification marks to be used on all organic products, after new research found that large numbers of buyers believed they had been misled by organic labeling.

AOL CEO Niki Ford said stamping easily recognizable emblems on organic packaging would boost consumer confidence and boost the confidence of growing organic customers. “Consumers of organic products look for ‘trusted brands’ before buying any product. In fact, our research shows that 59% of shoppers look for certification logos when reading a product’s labeling,” he said. Ms. Ford said.

“Ensuring that all organic products are certified and labeled with a mandatory logo will eliminate confusion and help to clearly mark organic products on the market. Customers will be able to see these logos and instantly have the peace of mind that their purchase is an authentic and certified organic product. The organic industry already contributes over $ 2 billion to the Australian economy, and with widespread growth forecasts for domestic and international markets, now is the time to position our industry as having a sophisticated and cohesive front.

A study by the Australian Organic Market Report 2021 found that nearly a third (31%) of shoppers who have purchased an organic product in the past year believe they have been misled. Ms Ford said the The Bud logo and the words Australian Certified Organic provide the trust consumers are looking for and research indicates the emblem is recognized by over 60% of Australian consumers.

“For dedicated organic buyers, the recognition is even higher, with 73% of them recognizing The Bud as a symbol of certified products,” Ms. Ford said. The Bud logo has long borne fruit for Queensland horticultural producer McMahon Bros Orchards, whose organic fruit has carried the symbol for more than 20 years.

Paul McMahon, a fourth generation grower on the 323ha family business in Stanthorpe, 250 km southwest of Brisbane, said The Bud gives its customers and distributors a guarantee of trust. “The Bud is the country’s most recognized certified organic symbol, and I believe it is the best way for our industry to communicate with our consumers that our products are accredited to the highest standards,” said Mr. McMahon. .

“Having The Bud on our products means that we have adhered to clear guidelines from ACO Certification Limited and undergone regular audits to ensure our products are up to standard. We are happy to meet these demands as we want to grow and provide the best possible quality product to our customers. “

The question of coming together behind labeling has never been more timely, with Australia on the verge of establishing a mandatory standard for the use of the word “organic” in marketing.

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