Roe’s Reversal Prompts Digital Pharmacy Favor to Embrace ‘Brand Moment’


Favor, the digital pharmacy formerly known as The Pill Club, backtracked when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Why is this important: The company intended to expand beyond birth control, but saw demand for emergency contraception soar 5,000% within 72 hours of the Supreme Court ruling. So he returned to his roots, focusing almost exclusively on birth control and emergency contraception.

The backstory: For years in digital health, point solutions have abounded. Apps for birth control, diabetes care, home testing, and mental health all lived in tight silos.

  • Those days are starting to fade as a wave of mergers and acquisitions sees digital health companies consolidating in the name of more comprehensive care.
  • “The last few years have been overdrive for point solutions,” says Tom Roark, Favor’s vice president of market access. Following the Dobbs decision, “we step back and say we don’t have to be everything to everyone, but where can we partner with other point solutions to be more end-to-end?”

Driving the news: When the Dobbs decision was announced in late June, Favor was becoming a more comprehensive virtual care company.

What they say : “We felt like it was a hallmark moment for us,” Roark told Axios.

How it works: The company has created a two-way referral network with abortion providers, including Hey Jane and Abortion Finder, where people seeking abortion help are referred to these providers and those seeking contraceptive care more basic ones are referred to Favor.

Yes and: The company still plans to expand into a number of areas, including home testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexuality and fertility counseling, either through mergers and acquisitions or internal builds. .

  • “There are a lot of directions we can take to move beyond birth control,” Roark says. “The question is, are these things we want to build ourselves or things we want to associate with others in the space to do?”

And after: Although it began with a direct consumer focus, Favor is currently working with a number of organizations in a B2B manner to be their contraceptive provider of choice.

  • It has also partnered with in-person providers in four states to become their exclusive birth control and telemedicine provider.
  • “If abortion is not an option in some states, we need to make sure people can at least access contraception to minimize the need for abortion down the line,” Roark said. “While this is frustrating and certainly not a time we would expect to be in 2022, it is a time for us as a company to lead,” he adds.


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