SAU and FAO agreed to work on Green Climate Fund


Sindh Agricultural University and Food and Agriculture Organization agree to work together on Green Climate Fund

The water management courses will be offered in the curriculum of Sindh Province while the experts will work on research and surveys in different fields related to agriculture.

On Wednesday, Emelda Berejena, FAO Technical Advisor in Pakistan, visited Sindh Agricultural University and met with SAU Vice-Chancellor Dr Fateh Marri. They discussed issues of common interest.

During the meeting, Emelda Berejena said that we want to establish an FAO center at Sindh University of Agriculture and establish a Green Climate Fund within the institution.

“Experts from the university will conduct joint research on drought, environmental pollution, effects of climate change, Indus Delta, agronomy, horticulture, soil science, land management water and other areas related to agriculture, ”she added.

Dr Fateh Marri said that the SAU is conducting research on various agricultural issues in collaboration with various national and international institutions, in particular on food security, climate change, pure seeds of different crops, fruits and vegetables and native species of livestock.

He said that full cooperation would be extended to FAO for the establishment of an FAO center at the university and that research work would be initiated with FAO on various projects as well as on the good management of the irrigation water, which will improve agriculture in Sindh and provide better benefits to farmers, while a course on the proper use and importance of water will be introduced in the Sindh curriculum.

Representatives of the Green Climate Fund Ashfaq Ahmed Nahyoon, Mr. Ali Kumbhar and Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar, Director of Academic Advances and Financial Assistance of the Agricultural University of Sindh also expressed their views on the occasion. .

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