Seal: Make Your Holiday Gift List a Safety Bonus This Year


Make your holiday gift list a safety bonus this year

By Martha Michael

Whether you’re taking your holiday gift list to “city sidewalks dressed up in holiday style” or just shopping from the couch while listening to Christmas carols, you want to be sure that the gifts you get. offer do not hurt anyone. December is “Safe Toys and Gifts Month,” a good time to pay attention to the potential dangers of the products you buy.

Gifts designed for safety

it is possible to choose safer gifts for all ages and the hardware store is a good bet for adults who may want a product specially designed to increase their safety and protection. Adjusters International’s preparedness and disaster experts have a list of freebies on their website that promote safety:

  • First aid kit – The American Red Cross suggests that you have kits that contain items such as bandages, gloves, and gauze pads to prepare for the treatment of injuries.
  • Roadside emergency kit – There are complete kits you can buy or assemble yourself, including jumper cables, flashlights and roadside flares.
  • Fire extinguisher – You can spend less than $ 100 and provide fire protection for your home or office.
  • Smoke or carbon monoxide detectors – Households need alarms installed outside each sleeping area of ​​your home to warn you of the presence of dangerous gases.

Safer electronics

If you have tech lovers on your list, there are digital gifts to make them happy and reduce online threats like identity theft.

An article by suggests the following products for friends and family:

  • Webcam to deter home invasions or monitor nurseries and common areas

  • Subscription to a password manager to retain only a series of characters

  • Two-factor keyed device that plugs into your phone or computer to prevent others from using your device and accessing your information

  • Microphone blocker to prevent hot mics with audio that hackers can access

Safest Toys

Toy manufacturers are governed by the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, according to The Gentle Nursery, a site that reviews products and offers recommendations. Although toy recalls have declined over the past 10 years, there are still concerns that many toys contain toxic materials. Products made with PVC, BPA, phthalates and flame retardants pose a high risk of contamination. Limit the time your children play with traditional plastic toys, and don’t let babies put pieces in their mouths.

The website has a list of products that are non-toxic for babies, including:

  • uncle goose – Every child deserves a set of wood blocks, and this staple is made in the USA.
  • Vulli – If you’ve been to a baby shower lately, you’ve probably come across the popular “Sophie la Girafe” teething toy. The same manufacturer offers a range of natural rubber toys with food-based paint designs.
  • Bear for humanity – Stuffed animals are a classic, and these USA made teddy bears are organic using cotton with the Global Organic Textile Standard certification.
  • Finn + Emma – Rattles, teething toys and playrooms come from many different countries and are made in a fair trade way using eco-friendly dyes and real wood.

Prevent injury from toys

An article on explains how to buy toys less likely to cause damage to the user.

Read warning labels – This is the easiest way to find out what materials are in toys before making your purchase.

Buy toys with large pieces – Children are less likely to choke when the pieces are too big for their mouths.

Choose sturdy toys – When products fall apart, they sometimes create sharp edges that can injure a child.

Don’t buy noisy toys – Sounds high in decibels may amuse adults but may interfere with a child’s hearing.

Avoid hobby kits that contain chemicals – Gifts such as chemistry kits should be reserved for children over 12 years old.

Follow age recommendations – Buy according to directions to reduce the risk of injury and maximize the child’s ability to play with the toy.

Consider making safety the theme of this year’s gifts for the adults on your list. While some of your vacation packages are aimed at babies or toddlers, be extra careful when choosing toys to reduce threats to their health and safety. Ultimately, you want your vacation toy yard to become a land of year-round joy.

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