Shoppers Love Awake Human’s Organic Vegan Moisturizer


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Some beauty names are iconic. There are the World’s Orgasms and Better Than Sexes, their popularity boosted by racy innuendo and nervous laughter. But if you’re more on the side of Mary Shelley, there’s something for you, too: Awake Human’s moisturizer is not only reminiscent of Frankenstein, but wows hundreds of shoppers with its anti-wrinkle prowess.

“I’m 50 and this is the best moisturizer I’ve tried in my life,” wrote one commenter of the lotion’s anti-wrinkle abilities. The organic formula is silky smooth and doesn’t irritate their sensitive skin, they added, and more people wrote that it ended their quest for a cream that “eliminates” fine lines and wrinkles. Moisture lasts all day, by more users, even with its lightweight, fast-absorbing consistency.

The cruelty-free “magic” moisturizer contains a blend of vegan and organic ingredients. According to the brand, aloe vera and green tea extract, as well as jojoba, sweet almond and safflower oils make up 92% of the formula; lactic acid, vitamin C, glycerin and shea butter round out the rest. The combination means hydration and antioxidants take top priority, while lactic acid gently lightens hyperpigmentation and vitamin C brightens and evens skin. People also love that there’s no coconut oil in the formula, if your skin doesn’t accept it.

All of these are great additions for boosting your skin’s radiance, and the brand’s stated commitment to avoiding parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, artificial colors, microplastics, and synthetic fragrances is even better. (especially since microplastics are now showing up in people’s blood). That said, the formula does include didecyldimonium chloride, which studies have linked to reproductive toxicity in animals, so there’s room for improvement.

But if the formula is indeed 92% humectants, emollients, and antioxidants, it makes sense that reviewers would leave such fizzy takes. “There’s already been a noticeable difference in my skin looking younger and healthier,” one fan said halfway through her first bottle, also noting that her crow’s feet were “significantly reduced.” Even someone in their 80s has seen their lines shrink.


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