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KANSAS CITY — As summer winds down and students prepare to return to class, companies are rolling out products focused on quick nutrition and convenient snacks.

In preparation for back to school, children’s food maker Little Spoon has launched a line of yogurt-based smoothies featuring organic yogurt from Straus Dairy.

“One of the most popular requests from our Little Spoon community is for yogurt smoothies, and after realizing the nutritional value was lacking on the shelf, we knew we had to give it a go,” said Angela Vranich, co-founder and chef. of product at Small Spoon. “Our new organic yogurt smoothies contain 4 grams of protein, contain low-fat Greek yogurt as recommended by AAP and, unlike the big brands, contain 0 grams of added sugar.”

Companies are also reinventing their products to make snacking easier. Italian confectionery company Loacker has launched Loacker Minis, a smaller, individually wrapped version of its wafer product. Snack company Gimme Seaweed also introduced its crispy, flavored seaweed products in individual packages, each containing a serving of vegetables.

From crunchy packaged snacks to drinkable smoothie pouches, companies are prioritizing taste and convenience in their back-to-school products.

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