Solana Beach updates local law to comply with organic waste disposal requirements


Solana Beach City Council approved an amendment to the city’s municipal code to comply with state-imposed organic waste disposal requirements, based on a bill signed by the government of the day . Jerry Brown a few years ago.

“By introducing this ordinance, we will be closer to complying with this requirement,” Rimga Viskanta, management analyst for the city of Solana Beach, said at the July 14 council meeting. “And also by passing this ordinance, the city will have the necessary enforcement mechanisms to ensure that all organic recycling requirements are met.”

The aim of the legislation, SB 1383, introduced by former state senator Ricardo Lara, is to reduce emissions caused by short-lived climate pollutants. The bill also sets targets to reduce organic waste disposal by 50% by 2020 and 75% by 2025, according to CalRecycle.

Organic waste in landfills emits about 20% of the state’s methane, according to CalRecycle.

Among the bill’s requirements, according to a report from city staff, the city must provide organic waste recycling services to all residents and businesses, launch a program to recover edible food from the waste stream, and maintain records for annual reporting requirements.

EDCO, which handles the city’s waste disposal, offers residents an organic waste recycling program, and that program will be extended to many businesses by the end of this year, according to a report from city staff. .

“EDCO is at the forefront of this program,” said Greg Wade, City Manager of Solana Beach.

The state bill allows cities to take an educational approach to enforcement over the next two years, Viskanta said, but requires violators to be penalized from 2024.

“I think this is an incredibly complex and onerous burden that the state has placed on us, but also necessary,” said Solana Beach city councilor David Zito. “Considering the elegance with which we have already switched to the residential organic collection and how it has gone with minimal fuss so far, I think I have a lot of hope that we will also be able to deploy additional changes. “


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