The 6 Best Eco-Friendly Bath Mats of 2022


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The right bath rug will keep your floor free of puddles, prevent slipping, and even be comfortable against your toes, making it not only one of the focal points of your bathroom, but also a functional necessity. As a result, there are a variety of bath mat options, ranging from simple to bold patterns in a variety of textiles (and even woods!).

But only a select few bath mats also pass the eco-friendliness test, combining low-impact production methods, renewable materials and other features that set it apart from the standard bath mat. In our search for eco-friendly additions to your bathroom, we’ve looked for high, third-party certified standards and highlighted the appropriate certifications so you can evaluate for yourself.

Here are our picks for the best eco-friendly bath mats.

final verdict

Georgetown bathroom rug by Grund (view of the Grund) is luxuriously plush, made from organic cotton and comes with an impressive warranty. Plus, your purchase supports reforestation efforts. For a more affordable option, check out the Under the Canopy Signature Organic Cotton Bath Mat (view of Under the Canopy).

What to look for in an eco-friendly bath mat

Evaluate how it will be used

The two main practical factors when considering a bath mat (other than aesthetics) are finding the right size for your bathroom and the right amount of absorbency. While adult households can get away with a thinner profile bath mat, or even a wooden platform, families with children will most likely want to choose something as absorbent as possible, to soak up spills. and spills. Be sure to measure your choice of bath rug in your bathroom before purchasing, as even a bath rug that could technically fit can look oversized in too small a space. The right bath rug contributes to the overall feel of your bathroom, rather than dominating visually.

Check the materials

The bath mats in this roundup contain organic materials with well-established certifications, including those from the Global Organic Textile Standard, the United States Department of Agriculture, and fair trade organizations, but that’s unusual in the market. wider bath mats.

Have fun

Since bath rugs aren’t a permanent installation, it’s a great opportunity to add a bit of flair or bolster a particular color scheme. In general, a bath rug that contrasts with your floor color and complements or coordinates with your towels will add the most to your bathroom.


How often should a bath mat be washed?

Wet bath mats must be washed with a frequency similar to your towels. Be sure to follow specific cleaning instructions, as rubber mounts and different materials may require different techniques. But if once a week or more doesn’t work with your routine, you can still keep your bath mat from getting dirty or moldy by hanging it up between showers and making sure your bathroom is properly ventilated, allowing your bath mat to dry completely between uses.

How to keep a bath mat clean?

Before putting them in the laundry, check the label for specific washing and drying instructions. Most bath mats can be machine washed with a mild, eco-friendly detergent. When it comes to a shaggy bath mat, you have to shake off the dirt stored in the fibers and then put it in the machine. (Rugs with a non-slip backing should be washed on a gentle cycle, so as not to damage them.) As for wooden rugs, you should regularly dry the accumulated water underneath, clean the mold with a brush and disinfect the platform with a solution of white vinegar and water.

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