The Ag Division, a non-profit organization, has partnered with DoorDash to deliver food to the elderly.



Leaders of Delmont State, hunger eradication organizations and food banks are working together. The new partnership with DoorDash will provide healthy and nutritious food to seniors returning home in need.

Agriculture Secretary Russell Reading and Second Lady Gisele Fetterman announced an initiative last week towards the end of Action Hanger month.

The new partnership is designed to remove barriers to underutilized senior food box programs in Pennsylvania and increase enrollments to provide food delivery and nutrition services to skilled seniors.

“It’s time for the Pennsylvania Food Aid Program to take a proactive approach to providing services tailored to the unique needs of recipients and removing barriers to access,” Reading said. “This partnership with DoorDash to provide food boxes to seniors is a common sense solution that makes it easy to say ‘yes’ to a box. Accepting help can be difficult enough for some, and wondering how to get food home should never be an added worry. “

Over 300,000 seniors in Pennsylvania are eligible for the Senior Food Box program, but only about 35,000 are actually enrolled this year. Older people often face barriers in accessing food assistance programs due to transportation, mobility and technical challenges.

In addition to the Department of Agriculture, Hanger-Free Pennsylvania, Feeding Pennsylvania, and their network of food banks are affiliated with DoorDash, whose coverage overlaps with box food agencies.

“Our seniors deserve fresh, nutritious food. Transportation never becomes a vital nutritional barrier, ”said Second Lady Giselfetterman, Pennsylvania.

Eligible participants in the Senior Food Box program include low-income individuals aged 60 and over whose households are below 130% of poverty levels in the United States. Seniors can complete a self-signed form on / Seniorfoodbox Alternatively, call 800-468-2433 to transfer to the local food bank that distributes boxes of senior food in your county.

“DoorDash is proud to partner with Hunger-Free Pennsylvania, Feeding Pennsylvania and others to improve the delivery of boxes of food to seniors through Project DASH and celebrate this work with Secretary Reading and Second Lady Fetterman. This partnership is another example of DoorDash helping meet the ongoing needs of an underserved community, ”said Brittany Graunke, Director of Government and Nonprofit Organizations for DoorDash Drive. “We are committed to leveraging the Last One Mile logistics platform to promote convenience and dignity while reducing barriers to accessing food, groceries and pantry items. “

This partnership is part of Project DASH, which connects food banks and the pantry to customers through last mile deliveries. The DASH project has delivered more than 900,000 meals out of 15 million meals in more than 900 cities in the United States and Canada. The program is already operational in several communities in Pennsylvania and offers more than 365 meals as part of its launch.

In southwestern Pennsylvania, the Westmoreland Food Bank, Fayette County Community Action Food Bank, and food assistants are the first to use this service and deliveries are arranged for seniors who have signed up. in the service.

“Famine and food insecurity are serious problems in the United States and Westmoreland County, particularly among the elderly,” said Jennifer Miller, CEO of Westmoreland Food Bank. “In recent years we’ve seen a lot of people come in through our doors. This partnership with DoorDash fills the void by delivering food to those who cannot come for help. Useful for. “

Currently, 10 counties are served by DoorDash as part of an innovative partnership. They include Bucks, Dauphin, Erie, Fayette, Lucerne, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Washington, Westmoreland, and York. As the program continues to grow, it continues to be open to other counties.

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The Ag Division, a non-profit organization, has partnered with DoorDash to deliver food to the elderly.

Source link The Ag Division, a nonprofit organization, has partnered with DoorDash to deliver food to the elderly. Non-profit organisation



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