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SAN MATEO, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – In August, National Wellness Month highlights the importance of self-care, stress management and promoting healthy routines. Putting wellness first is essential to improving our lives. This month is therefore a great time to create a wellness routine and focus on overall health. The following products from Cuzen Matcha, Numi Organic Tea, Iconic Protein, Jetson Probiotics, and Corto Olive Oil all contribute to these wellness principles in different ways.

Matcha from Cuzen countertop matcha maker produces remarkably fresh matcha from organic whole leaves grown in shade and with innovative technology. Freshly ground matcha has a smooth, balanced flavor and gives the drinker sweet, focused energy that lasts. Designed by a Tokyo native who really knows their matcha, the compact and easy-to-use system is designed for the modern world so you can make matcha whenever you want. With the push of a button, you can produce freshly ground matcha from organic, shade-grown leaves, which means better taste and higher levels of antioxidants.

Organic Numi tea is made from only organic and all-natural ingredients – never artificial flavors. Offering a number of wellness teas, from turmeric to soothe inflammation to the new “Stay Healthy” range or even their range of wellness shots, each of their products tackles a different facet of wellness, immunity to sleep.

Signature protein offers a range of ethically sourced protein powders and ready-to-drink shakes with collagen and MCT oil. The company’s mission is to provide clean, protein-rich foods that help you feel supported, nourished and energized all day long. While all Iconic products are related to wellness, their newest, Keto Collagen Coffee, contains functional stress relieving mushrooms from Four Sigmatic, as well as collagen and MCT oil. Iconic will soon launch its first line of herbal products, Immunity Coffee. Available in both powder and ready-to-drink, Immunity Coffee contains pea protein, Colombian fair trade coffee, MCT oil, zinc, and a full day of vitamins C and D3.

Jetson probiotics is the world’s only seasonal probiotic that allows you to diversify your gut and help your body adjust to the changing seasons by alternating strains every three months. Each formula adapts to a different time of year and always includes supplements like antioxidants and vitamins. Their current formula, the FIT characteristics six clinically validated strains working together to increase energy, deflate and pave the way for weight loss. Getting your microbiome in order is the ultimate goal of wellness, as Gut Health has been linked to everything from energy to mental health, sleep, chronic inflammation and more.

Corto olive oil is full-bodied and vibrant with lively floral notes that could only come from freshly squeezed olive juice. Made from California olives harvested in the fall, when antioxidants are at their peak, the fresh oil is cold extracted within hours of harvest in a state-of-the-art mill and stored in an air-conditioned cellar. until a sales order is processed. Only then is the oil packaged in Corto’s unique packaging, ensuring freshness to the last drop. An important staple of the much-touted Mediterranean diet, olive oil offers a plethora of wellness and health benefits, such as reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced chronic inflammation and Moreover.


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