The bio LPG market was worth US$153.71 million in 2019 and is


London, July 18. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The global bio LPG market is expected to follow a lucrative trajectory in the coming years as green energy standards gain traction. The growing popularity of renewable energy has given impetus to the growth of the overall Bio LPG market. The energy sector has shown great resilience in developing sustainable energy standards, which has resulted in widespread processing and recycling of raw materials and waste across the sector. The emergence of sophisticated techniques to purify and extract the energy content of raw materials has ensured the abundance of renewable fuels. Over the next decade, the use of bio LPG as a transport fuel and in heating applications is expected to increase.

Fairfield Market Research finds that the global market Bio LPG market amounted to a total value of US$153.71 million in 2019 and is expected to reach a net worth of US$1,020.32 million by 2025. Growing concerns about the devastation caused by global greenhouse gas emissions have put bio LPG under the radar in recent years.

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Bio LPG Market: Global Trends and Highlights

  • Europe holds about 90% of the total market share in terms of value and volume.
  • Based on the supply route, bio-oil currently represents 100% of the global bio-LPG market.

Industry experts predict a smooth transition from conventional LPG to bio LPG

In addition to the source and the means of production, bio LPG has properties similar to those of conventional LPG. The identical performance, appearance and applications of conventional and bio LPG have relieved the burden of developing storage infrastructure for the latter. This should accelerate the adoption of bio LPG in the transport and industrial sectors. The low percentage of air pollutants produced when burning bio LPG will be a game changer for the product compared to conventional LPG.

Europe will surpass bio LPG sales of all others Regional Markets

The lucrative opportunities floating in the European market should be a point of excitement for energy investors and venture capitalists. The EU has spoken out on the use of renewable and greener practices, including the use of low-emission fuels.

Some of the prominent names relevant to the global bio LPG market are Diamond Green Diesel, Total SE, Neste Oil, ENI, Preem AB, SHV Energy, Renewable Energy Group, and AvantiGas.

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Commodity hedging
  • Organic oil
  • Cellulose organic waste
  • Others (sugar, glycerin, wet waste, etc.)
End User Coverage
  • Residential
  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  • Industrial and others
Geographic coverage
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the world (right-of-way)
Leading companies
  • Neste oil
  • Total SE
  • ENI
  • Preem AB
  • VHS Energy
  • Diamond Green Diesel
  • Renewable Energy Group
  • Global Bioenergies
  • AvantiGas
  • Irving Oil
Report Highlights Key Market Indicators, Macro-Micro Economic Impact Analysis, Technology Roadmap, Key Trends, Driver, Future Restraints & Opportunities and Revenue Pockets, Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis, Historical Trend (2017-2019), Analysis Price Trends – 2019-2025, Market Estimates and Forecasts, Market Dynamics, Industry Trends, Competition Landscape, Category, Region, Country Trends and Analysis, COVID-19 Impact Analysis (Demand and Supply Chain) supply)


1. Summary
1.1. Overview of the global bio LPG market
1.2. Future projections
1.3. Main market trends
1.4. Analyst Recommendations

2. Market Overview
2.1. Market definitions and segmentations
2.2. Market dynamics
2.2.1. Drivers
2.2.2. Constraints
2.2.3. Market opportunities
2.3. Value chain analysis
2.4. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
2.5. Impact of Covid-19
2.5.1. Supply Chain
2.5.2. Commodity impact analysis

3. Analysis of price trends and future Projects, 2017 – 2025
3.1. Highlights
3.2. per raw material/per end user
3.3. By region

4. Global bio LPG market Outlook, 2017 – 2025
4.1. Global Bio LPG Market Outlook, by Raw Material, Volume (Kilo Tons) and Value (USD Million), 2017-2025
4.1.1. Highlights Organic oil Cellulose organic waste Others (sugar, glycerin, wet waste, etc.)
4.1.2. BPS Analysis/Market Attractiveness Analysis, by Commodity
4.2. Global Bio LPG Market Outlook, By End User, Volume (Kilo Tons) and Value (Million US$), 2017-2025
4.2.1. Highlights Residential Chemicals & Petrochemicals Industrial and others
4.2.2. BPS Analysis/Market Attractiveness Analysis, by End User
4.3. Global Bio LPG Market Outlook, by Region, Volume (Kilo Tons) and Value (Million US$), 2017-2025
4.3.1. Highlights North America Europe Asia Pacific Rest of the world (right-of-way)
4.3.2. BPS Analysis/Market Attractiveness Analysis, by Region

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