The components of the Latexco US NaturalFoam mattress obtain GOLS certification


LAVONIA, Ga. – Foam and Latex Producer US Latexco has received GOLS certification for its NaturalFoam range of natural latex mattress cores, mattress toppers and pillows.

NaturalFoam GOLS certified products are made from 100% natural latex that has been harvested from plantations free of chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, the products provide ventilation and help maintain a healthy sleeping environment.

GOLS is the Global Organic Latex Standard recognized and endorsed worldwide by manufacturers and stakeholders in the latex industry to certify that products are made from natural latex that has been organically grown over time. It provides assurance of a traceable path and procedure from the agricultural source to the manufacturer of certified organic latex products. Manufacturers licensed under the GOLS logo must comply with mandatory social and environmental regulations monitored and certified by Control Union.

“We are the only latex foam manufacturer in the United States to offer a full line of latex, and it now includes GOLS certified latex,” said Jim Gutierrez, Managing Director of Latexco US West. “Research shows that more and more consumers are looking for organic products because they are concerned about the well-being of their families and want their homes to be free of harmful chemicals.”

Latexco works with its customers on projects and marketing of latex products to meet growing consumer demand. The company recently worked with an independent company to research the most popular online search terms consumers use for bedding products and found that organic mattresses and mattress toppers rank highly.

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