The new line of organic tea from the creator of Honest Tea: ‘Just Ice Tea’


The Bethesda entrepreneur who created Honest Tea has announced the name of a reboot of an organic tea line he’s launching.

The Bethesda, Maryland entrepreneur who created Honest Tea, which is now discontinued by Coca-Cola, has announced the name of a reboot of an organic tea line he is launching. It will be called “Just Ice Tea”.

The double meaning highlights both the adverb “right”, as in organic and made with few ingredients other than tea leaves, and the adjective “right”, as in based on what is morally right and fair.

Seth Goldman, who started Honest Tea with business partner Barry Nalebuff in Bethesda in 1998, will continue Honest Tea’s 24-year commitment to fair sourcing of tea leaves and ingredients. For Goldman, this means that everyone in the supply chain, down to tea leaf pickers in small villages, receives a fair wage and their communities receive financial and social support.

“With every pound of ingredients we buy, we pay a premium that goes directly to workers to reinvest in their communities,” Goldman said in a statement. Twitter post announcing the name.

“Workers vote democratically on how the money is spent, giving workers, especially women who form the majority of tea pickers, the financial means and a say in their future.”

Goldman said over the years fair trade tea bounties have been used for things like a village school, eye care, health care and access to water for everyone. village, and a playground and science classroom for a village school.

“Fair” also means no pesticides or herbicides — tea leaves are one of the few agricultural products that are never rinsed before production, Goldman said.

Just Ice Tea will be rolling out to national retailers this fall. The new company includes both Goldman and Nalebuff, as well as business partner Spike Mendelsohn, the celebrity chef who is co-owner of the two-year-old healthy and planet-friendly snack company Eat the Change with Goldman.

Coke bought a 40% stake in Honest Tea in 2008 and bought out the company in 2011. He cited prioritizing fewer, bigger bottled tea brands with the greatest potential for scale and growth profitable as the reason for discontinuing the Honest Tea line.

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