Types of Turkey in the Real Estate Market


Look at enough houses for sale, and there’s a good chance you’ll run into a few turkeys.

The neighborhood of the week usually highlights idyllic neighborhoods and captivating properties. Honestly, we should be thankful that we have so many great places to live in northern Idaho.

But this week we’re talking about those rotten homes, and NAMING NAMES!

I laugh. It would be unnecessarily mean. We can, however, categorize the different types of turkeys that buyers come across when looking for a new home. If you are considering selling your home, make sure you aren’t one of these types of bad real estate listings.

The thick and crowded turkey

Staging is an important part of maximizing your home’s potential on the market. A clean, welcoming home with warm, stylish decor tends to attract more eyes, and the more people see the property and like what they see, the better the chances of having strong and competitive offers.

Of course, not all homes need to be professionally staged, but some turkeys are in desperate need of intervention. Clutter on counters. Toys and dirty clothes all over the floor. Stacks of newspapers in the corner (and in the list of photos no less!).

Ultimately, some homes come onto the market with too many messy personalities of their current occupants on display. You are selling your house, you are not trying to attract a housekeeper who is in desperate need of a job.

Leftover turkey from several days

Have you ever found yourself in a nice list that ticks all the boxes… but smells bad? Like there’s a dead animal stuck in the wall? This happens more often than you might think, especially for people with multiple large pets.

This urine smell can be difficult to remove from carpets. Your cat’s litter box may need more attention than you think. Pet owners sometimes forget that odors they no longer perceive are extremely noticeable to people who are not used to them.

The rest of the flavored turkey

A cousin of the latter category – it’s a house you walk into that smells too much of chemicals to remove stains and odors. I once walked into an open house that literally smelled like a Febreze truck had crashed into it. Hell, maybe it had something to do with those four big kennels lined up along the wall in the master bedroom.

The ghost turkey

A house that you walk into that has a really weird vibe. Something is wrong. The basement looks scary. The owner refused to leave during the visit and is standing in the dark corner, holding a butcher’s knife. It’s a House of the Damned, and you must get out quickly.

The outdoor organic turkey you can never afford

Most buyers understand their own budget, but almost everyone still wants to check out that luxury home that costs way more than you can afford. Of course, you can taste it for a few minutes, but the full meal is just too expensive. This is possibly the worst kind of turkey because it is so good and you will never get the chance to have the full experience.

The regular turkey that claims to be an organic free-range turkey

By far the most common turkey in the real estate market – a house that costs more than it should. You know what the price should be. Your real estate agent knows what the price should be. The seller’s real estate agent knows what the price should be. But it’s about $ 50,000 more than that. Get real, average turkey, you’re not 20-30 percent better than the rest of your neighborhood. And don’t give me that “oversized garage” or “mostly finished basement” nonsense, either.


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