USDA to collect new data on production from certified organic agriculture


The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service is conducting the 2021 Organic Survey to collect new data on certified organic crops and livestock products in the United States. This effort is essential to help determine the economic impact of certified organic agriculture production on the nation.

NASS sends the survey to all known certified organic farms and ranches in all 50 states. The questionnaire asks producers to provide information on area, production and sales as well as production and marketing practices. Entrants must respond by April 4. Producers can return their questionnaires by mail or complete them online at using the new Respondent Portal. On the portal, growers can complete their surveys, view previously reported data, access data visualizations and reports of interest, connect to other USDA agencies, get a local weather update and more. again.

“We continue to receive requests for updated data on organic farms, particularly to measure the growth of the production sector of the organic industry,” said Donald Buysse, head of the Census Planning Branch at the NASS. “According to the 2019 survey, U.S. certified organic producers sold a total of $9.93 billion worth of produce, up 31% from 2016. This is a significant increase, and this next investigation will help determine if this type of growth has been sustained.”

Agricultural statistics are used by many people, including businesses and policy makers, but in this case, farmers and ranchers will benefit the most. The 2021 organic survey will provide data to the USDA’s risk management agency to assess crop insurance coverage to help provide proper pricing to organic growers. The report, which will be posted on the NASS website on December 15, 2022, will also help producers, suppliers and other private sector players plan the production and marketing of new products to help support the growth of the industry. ‘industry.

“This survey continues an excellent partnership among USDA agencies in a commitment to support certified organic producers based on the best data possible,” Buysse added. “This voluntary survey gives all organic farmers and ranchers who receive it the opportunity to have an impact on the industry.”

“I encourage growers to participate in this survey so that we can continue to improve federal crop insurance for organic growers,” said Marcia Bunger, administrator of the USDA Risk Management Agency and also South Dakota farmer. “We now offer an organic price for 84 crops, compared to only four in 2011, partly thanks to the information received from this survey. Producer participation in this survey will help the USDA meet the needs of our country’s ever-expanding organic market.

As with all NASS surveys, information provided by respondents is kept confidential and will not be released in identifiable form, as required by federal law. For more information on the 2021 Organic Certification Survey, visit


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