Where’s the eggnog? The supply chain issue is impacting holiday drinks


Eggnog might be harder to find this year as a supply chain issue affects at least one grower. (Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR) – With Christmas days away, many are stocking up on holiday favorites, including eggnog. Unfortunately for some, the nog shelf may be empty.

A problem with the supply of fat, the fat part of milk and a key ingredient in eggnog, is preventing Organic Valley from putting its eggnog on store shelves this holiday season, a spokesperson told Nexstar .

The Wisconsin-based company works with 1,800 farmers to supply dairy products – like milk, cream and butter – nationwide. Usually, they also produce eggnog seasonally – but not this year.

Organic Valley says it is considering the return of the holiday drink in the future.

Eggnog is more than just a holiday treat and Cousin Eddie’s favorite drink. It’s been around for centuries, with most food historians agreeing that the mixture of egg yolk and spicy milk dates back to medieval Britain, according to Time Magazine.

Not all retailers and producers face a limited supply of eggnog. Spokespersons for Kroger and Walmart grocery stores have both confirmed that their locations are not experiencing widespread shortages. Asked about an eggnog shortage, a spokesperson for Target said the retailer “is well positioned to meet the food and beverage needs of customers throughout the holiday season.” Illinois-based Prairie Farms Dairy told Nexstar there was “no shortage around here.”

Empty eggnog shelves at some grocery stores come as supply chain issues cause other problems nationwide, affecting everything from cream cheese schmear to bagels to granite headstones. The United States is also facing rising inflation, which could make butter, cheese and cream (mostly fat) more expensive in 2022.

Other holiday favorites have also taken a hit this year. Among those is a shortage of Santas, with the workforce of people willing to dress like the man in red down 15% this year. And if you were hoping to have a glass of wine on Christmas, beware – a shortage of glass bottles may be squeezing supplies near you.


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