Will the “Mississippi Mobile” become real for sports betting in 2022?


It’s a new year, which means there will be another push to fully legalize mobile. Mississippi sport bets. But will they finally pass?

Representative Cedric Burnett deposit HB 184, which should sound familiar to anyone watching Mississippi sports betting since it launched into retail in 2018. Burnett’s latest bill is similar to his attempts in 2019 and 2020, as it gives any licensed casino l ‘State the right to launch a mobile sports betting.

Currently, mobile betting apps are geotagged to the casino itself, which means bettors must be on site to bet with their phones.

What is not clear is if this is the bill for mobile sports betting Rep. Casey Eure has in mind. Eure, president of the House Games Committee, told a local outlet that the committee is working on its own legislation for mobile betting.

Burnett is a member of the games committee. Neither Burnett nor Eure responded to LSR requests for comments by post.

Details for Mississippi Mobile Sports Betting

All states 26 commercial casinos have retail sports betting, which means that all of them could be started online as well.

That doesn’t mean there would be 26 different brands, of course. For example, multiples Caesars-state-owned casinos would use the sport bets application.

Since there are no new licenses created, it means market access agreements like the one signed last year between Penn National and Points bet would be irrelevant.

Monthly sports betting income would be taxed on a sliding scale:

  • Below $ 50,000: 4%
  • Between $ 50,000 and $ 134,000: 6%
  • Any amount greater than $ 134,000: 8%

The bill also legalizes betting on esports.

Could nearby changes force the hand of the legislature?

Mississippi’s appetite to legalize fully mobile sports betting has been virtually nil so far. Action in a few border states could change that, however.

For now, only Tennessee north of Mississippi allows online betting. Soon, however, Louisiana mobile sports betting is expected to launch after the retail launch in October.

Meanwhile, the Arkansas Race Committee approved a rule change to allow mobile statewide last week. The change that legalizes online AR sports betting must be approved by a legislative subcommittee, but a spokesperson for the committee told local media the apps could work early this year.


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