Wisconsin red potato harvest begins


Harvesting of Wisconsin red potatoes is underway at Alsum Farms in Grand Marsh, WI. The first loads of washed, graded and packaged potatoes are available for fresh market delivery to distribution centers and retail grocery stores this first full week of August.

This week, the first loads of washed, graded and packaged potatoes for fresh market delivery to distribution centers and grocers are available.

“We are enjoying perfect weather for the first harvest of red potatoes this summer,” said Larry Alsum, President and CEO of Alsum Farms & Produce in Friesland, WI.

The Gold potato harvest will begin a week later on August 6. The Russet potato harvest begins August 16 with the early season Pacific Russet variety which will be the first of the new crop Russets harvested from the field and washed, packaged and delivered to retail grocers in the Midwest and beyond . The new crop from Wisconsin Fingerlings will also be ready to ship on August 16. Additionally, the new crop of Wisconsin organic Russet, red and golden potatoes are expected to be available for shipment starting August 9.

Grading of freshly harvested potatoes in the field.

Alsum Farms grows and harvests potatoes using the Wisconsin Healthy Grown® program. This eco-friendly program has guided its agricultural sustainability practices for the past 25 years. As a founding member of the Healthy Grown program, Alsum Farms uses the program’s regenerative agricultural approach to strengthen ecosystems and community resilience. The 27 acres dedicated to restoring grasslands and providing pollinator habitat to cultivate a sustainably grown food supply is an example of its commitment to regenerative agriculture.

“In 1992 we started farming and in 1996 we helped establish the program,” says Larry Alsum, founding member of the Wisconsin Healthy Grown Program. “Since then, the program has continued to guide Alsum’s agricultural sustainability practices using integrated pest management (IPM) to manage inputs, implement conservation practices that enhance biodiversity and ecosystem efforts by certified to Healthy Grown standards.

Harvesting red potatoes in Grand Marsh, WI.

Alsum offers a variety of packaging options from 12 ounces to 50 pounds and in poly, mesh, paper or cardboard. Alsum also offers organic Russet, red and golden potatoes in a variety of packaging options.

Alsum Farms & Produce, Inc. packages potatoes and onions under the Alsum Farms & Produce brand. Organic potatoes are packaged under the Alsum Organics and Rainbow Organics labels. Alsum also packs unclassified potatoes under its Family Favorite brand.

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