Woolroom announces first-ever line of washable organic bedding


The Organic Washable collection will include a light, medium, warm and all-weather wool duvet, wool pillows, wool mattress protector and wool mattress topper – made by expert craftsmen from traceable farms in the UK to provide GOTS® certified wool. All pieces in the collection are certified to ensure that the entire supply chain, from farm to finished product, meets the strict ecological and social criteria set by the GOTS® organization and that harmful chemicals and dyes are not used. GOTS® is considered the benchmark for organic certification.

“Wool Room is so proud to bring to market the very first line of machine washable organic wool bedding. Having it certified by GOTS® reinforces our commitment to providing the healthiest bedding for our customers, their homes and our planet,” says Chris Tatterall, managing director of Woolroom. “We are committed to providing products that grow and evolve with our community while protecting our environment. Working with GOTS® Certified Farmers to provide the softest, healthiest bedding with the utmost care takes this commitment to the next level. superior.”

Make wool washable

To successfully make wool machine washable, it took a treatment to help the fiber withstand the washing machine. The treatment consists of bathing the wool in a large tank filled with water and natural minerals. Oxygen is then blown through the tank. This step weakens the fibers to make them flexible and elastic, making them more malleable when washed. Now that the wool is treated, once washed it will prevent shrinkage and felting for a superior quality product.

This is the first time a consumer has not had to compromise their sleep health. Woolroom has always provided temperature-regulating bedding, thanks to the natural qualities of wool. Now, with this new range, consumers can have it all – certified organic, naturally hypoallergenic, washable and temperature-regulating bedding – for the first time. To further the sustainability of this product, Woolroom recommends that users recycle or compost their wool duvet or pillow at the end of the product’s life. It will decompose and return to nature without causing environmental contamination.

The complete collection can be purchased online at https://www.thewoolroom.com/us/ departure March 7e.

See the entire washable organic collection here.


Woolroom is a lifestyle bedding and home company, designing and manufacturing products to ensure it changes people’s lives by providing the best, most natural and healthiest sleep possible. It offers bedding, mattresses, pillows and other comfort products using its traceable wool fiber sourced from farms around the UK. All products are driven by the brand’s core value of improving sleep and educating consumers about the benefits of wool. Wool Room continues to be a disruptor to the traditional mattress and bedding industries with its legendary fibers, innovative products, packaging and shipping, direct-to-consumer sales, and generous trial and return policies.

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